Why Every Woman Should Wear Braids

All kinds of braids are gorgeous for 2013 but the trendiest are ones seen on spring and fall runways. If you’ve got enough lengthy locks to get these braids goin, then it’s an opportune moment to have a new hairstyle. Check out these lovely looks we have just for you.

We love this dutch lace braid which is primped at the back on one side, making it ¬†total creative do. It’s also one of the key factors that made ¬†Alexandre Herchovitch’s show interesting.


At Jen Kao, braids are placed diagonally for a modern twist. The two pigtails don’t have to be even to make it work. Just make sure you pin them well and flat to the back of your head.


Who loves headbands? Maybe they’re not in for the season but braids worn like headbands are. Get this preppy and chic look at Alice + Olivia by creating two low pigtails and twist them all over your head. To have the airy effect, just stretch out the braid and remember to pin them nicely.


If you can’t speak French, you’d learn to french-braid faster. Do it from nape to crown.Ever heard of a sideways quiff? Back comb hair and give it a twist.


Don’t you think fishtails are romantic? Try this laid-back but classy look . Although it’s a messy ‘do, we love it because women can shift from cowgirl to girl-next-door with it.


Now if you want to experiment with other styles, go ahead. Just keep your hair fresh, clean, soft and manageable at all times.




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