What Do Women Want?



What do women want? This question arises from the tongue of each and every man, sometimes even a woman herself. And the answer is actually simple. A woman wants what every normal human being would. In fact what a woman wants is entirely understandable, it is just a few behavioral differences that does not let this very ‘understanding’ take its place.

In this week’s blog post, lets discuss about what a woman requires from her close and dear ones, such as her family, her partner, her friends and the rest of her social circle.


The first and the foremost thing that I may say any human being would require is ‘Respect’. Without this element, one cannot expect any relationship to continue for long. A healthy relation contains this element of respect in it. Respect in privacy as well as respect in the public.


“So what is the big deal? It is your duty, isn’t it?” No matter how small on a scale any work measures, no one would like to hear these words. For a woman, who works dedicatedly for her family, and if her very dear ones start uttering these words, no doubt, it shall sound really painful to her. Instead of this, an act or simply few words of appreciation would make her feel elated.


A woman can clearly judge whether her dear one is telling the truth, or merely lying. Take the example of the relation between a mother and her child. Everyone would prefer hearing the truth, no matter how bitter and hurtful it is, instead of dwelling in a fantasy world made up of lies.

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