Victoria Beckham’s Exclusive Dresses Hits Her New Site

Victoria Beckham launches minimalist frocks from her personal style aesthetic and choice that scream with the brightest shades for Spring. Better news than her attempt to set a trend including comfortable knickers. No matter how pretty the lace on a pair knickers, it’s a piece that best stays beneath your clothes and not on the pages of glossy mags , billboards or a true fashionista wardrobe.


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The famous celeb designer launches her own e-commerce website  and personally sees to it that everything goes perfectly as planned. She explains, “There’s a cool, edgy rawness to it — and that’s very much how I wanted it to look. With regards to the imagery, I haven’t done anything too complicated. I’ve kept it real. It’s very relatable. I didn’t want the images to be super glossy and retouched — I find that quite an old-fashioned approach. It’s very honest. That’s why people respond to the brand in the way that they do.”

If we take a closer look at the collection, it’s easy to notice that the cuts and colors are what Posh would wear herself. The site is bound to sell her top line, the Victoria Victoria Beckham diffusion brand, and of course the talk-of-the-town VB Icon collection which is re-launched fromt he past runway ranges in uber-bright colors.

Divided into two sections such as “Look” and “Shop”, the site not only presents clothes but facts as to what has been going on in the business. victoia beckham certainly knows what she is doing and she talks further about the site. “My new website has been in the making for a very long time. It was so important that the concept, tone and look of it were true to me and my aesthetic and that the shopping experience was the very best that it could be for my customer. The site will be ever evolving featuring never seen before insights into my world through the medium of film. I’m incredibly excited with what I have created and the unique access to the brand I am now able to offer.”

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