Tips, Tricks And Jennifer Aniston Ideas

Her only lead in a motion picture prior to Friends was in the film Leprechaun, a horror-comedy. Young actors often accept less than high quality scripts in order to have a foot in the door.

She spent ten years on Friends, only filming during the show’s hiatus. During that time she made only 8 films, 6 of which were romantic comedies. During the same time period, 1994 to 2004, Sandra Bullock made 19 movies and Meryl Streep, 13. Not that quantity is a provision of recognition but ten years is indeed a long time during which she produced very little.

Second fact-Brad Pitt has spent most of his year filming two movies,’ The Tree of Life’ and’ MegaMind’. Much of the remainder of his time was spent with Angelina Jolie and their six children in Paris and Venice, where Angelina is filming her new movie’ The Tourist’. Photos of the two of them along with their children were all parts of the internet.

With less than 20 movies to her credit, Aniston has focussed on the romantic-comedy genre, her specialty. It is very seldom selected for Oscar consideration, as good as she is as this kind of role.

The film studios have not been able to promote those films to Oscar voters with Aniston only acting in a small number of movies that could’ve earned her a nomination so far.

The break-up of her marriage to Brad Pitt and the subsequent revelation of his affair with Angelina Jolie was played out in the tabloids and splashed across television screens and the net. Not only did she take time off from work to recover but the ensuing he said-she said never helps. Though she came off looking like the public’s favorite and the wronged party, the publicity did nothing for her work.

After the break up died down, Aniston began dating co-stars and other celebrities. Soon she was rumored to be dating nearly anyone she worked with. Still cranking out romantic comedies, she seemed more focused on her personal life than her professional one.

Stars who made their names on television first have historically had a harder time earning recognition from their motion picture peers if the form of an Oscar.

Aniston has just released The Bounty Hunter, an action comedy that while doing well at the box office, isn’t Oscar material. Next up she has two more romantic comedies and her first attempt at a musical. Unless it is the caliber of Chicago, it is not likely she will be nominated for anything in the next few years.

Returning to the subject of romantic comedies as being the root of her trouble, Aniston’s leading men are sometimes not Oscar caliber either, or she’s simply paired with A-list leading men in a less than stellar production. While Paul Rudd, Aaron Eckhart, and Jay Mohr are all respectable actors, they’re not what are going to bring out the performance from her we have been waiting for.

Because Aniston does so much romantic comedy, her characters all seem to blend into the same one. Minor differences set them apart but basically she does not challenge herself. Her dramatic ability was barely scratched on the surface in The Good Girl for which she won critical acclaim. We’ve yet to see what she can really do.

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