There’s Never A New Pink


You can think pink all you want but nothing ever says you can sink, shrink or stink in it. But to sink while falling in love with this lovely feminine shade, yes you perfectly will.

All shades of pink are in for the Spring season from berry hues to bubblegum tints. Looks like mint has been replaced with sweeter candy colors.

However, not all pink pieces are up-to-date this year. We’re here to let you find out what’s in and out for blushy fashion in 2013.

Vintage Jewellery in fuchsia and blush shades- something Marilyn Monroe would have worn aside from diamonds.

Barbie-hues Bermuda shorts for summer are keepsakes.

Pencil Skirts in strawberry creams or raspberry are the sexiest things to don. For a dab of fierce, get a skirt with a slit.

Short suits aren’t so last year yet. For this spring and summer seasons, they’re still very hip and trendy.

Have edible delicious-looking candy shoes on your feet. Make sure they’re point-toes to keep up with the latest.

Big and bold candy stripes on bags, tops and dresses are ultimate winners as well. Say au revoir to the thin, smaller ones.

Muted florals in blush, carnation and the softest rose tomes are a go-go. Keeping everything sweet and subtle is the right way to do flower patterns this year.

Want more attention? Wear neon. It’s the hottest of the hottest pinks. Remember that cute pink race car in The Fast and The Furious?

When going for midriffs, think powerpuff girls for more fun and confidence. Nothing else also beats the spunk of Elle Wood in Legally Blonde.