Female Fitness


Getting into shape and being fit and slim is every woman’s desire. But it is not as easy as stated. Really hard exercises and hours of starvation are carried out in order to appear lean and smart. However, many fitness seekers yet remain unsatisfied with the results.

Of course, tiring exercises followed by an empty grumbling stomach won’t yield anything good, instead, you will be exhaust at the end of the day, giving up all your hopes and aims.

Feeding yourselves sufficiently with healthy foods while carrying out exercises as well is the trick. And there are certain work outs that can help you accomplish this task.

What are they? Let s find out.

Toning the glutes:

A pair of heavy bulging buttocks is the main fitness issue with females. Hence, here is a work out that aims at your glutes and also, strengthens your core.

Hold a pair of dumbbells and stand on your left foot. Now bend your trunk towards the ground in a manner that your right leg lifts up, is straight and quite parallel to the ground, so is your trunk. Remain in that position for two to three seconds, and then go back to the initial step. Repeat the exercise the second time lifting your left leg while standing on the right one.

Squat and rise:

This kind of work out targets many areas of your lower body, such as the buttocks, hips, inner thighs, as well as your shoulders. You just need to stand with feet apart and toes facing outwards, hands onto your sides holding the dumbbells. Now squat and then rise. Repeat it at least ten to fifteen times.