The Humanitarian in Angelina Jolie

angelinajolieAngelina Jolie is known for her incredible humanitarian efforts over the years. This month, Angelina will win an honorary Oscar for her Humanitarian Work. Announced earlier in September by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, this award is aimed at paying tribute to those who have made deep-rooted contribution in their respective fields. Now 37, Jolie is set to receive this award, formally called the ‘Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award’ at the fifth annual event.

Angelina Jolie’s work with philanthropy is almost as well known as her career as an actress. She has even publicly talked about the idea of giving up acting to focus on her humanitarian work and her family. Her husband, Brad Pitt, stands by her side.

Angelina is a strong, confidence and beautiful woman and one that a lot of young females look up to. Her style is classy, she’s well read and she’s a great mother. Her philanthropic side is not only great for those she’s helping but is a positive impact for her fans.

Jolie just went through a double mastectomy, to prevent the high possibility to breast cancer. This is another one of her efforts to leave an impact on this world. Although her intention was to make sure she was around for her family, Jolie’s choice left many women, worldwide, in awe.

Jolie and Pitt’s most recent donation was E10,000 for the sale of a barrel of white wine, signed, from their estate. The auction was put together as a fundraiser to support agriculture in Africa. The couple’s barrel was by far the top seller, and was bought by a local wine merchant named Vins Breban. The 60-gallon cask holds approximately 300 bottles. This was a meaningful donation to Jolie as the agricultural fund operates in an area that she went to in March with the Foreign Secretary.