Aniston Shimmers at 40

She is one of the stars who is apparently taking age gracefully way too seriously. Jennifer Aniston looks as radiant as she is as Rachel Green. Her blonde locks still look as healthy as ever, and her body is undeniably toned.

Some of us often credit these celebrities’ looks for the kind of lavish lifestyle that they have. However, one of the things that many women adore about Aniston is her dashingly simple appeal, which makes women believe that it is actually possible to copy her style.

While there is already no denying Jen’s celebrity status and how far she has come from being that quirky girl from Friends, it is also inspiring to know how she follows beauty regimens that an average woman can follow.

jenniferanistonFor instance, one of Jen’s secrets to maintaining her healthy hair is not blow drying it. According to her stylists, she takes time to air dry her hair, thus the lush appearance that requires minimal styling. Blow drying is known to make the hair look duller over time.

Although Jen is often seen with her sleek, straight her, the actress also sometimes wears sexy beach curls. She achieves these curls in almost the same way that we probably did, braiding our hair overnight! The result is a really good beach curls sassy enough for a party, but also casual enough for some errands.

The actress’ glowing skin cannot be missed, as well. Although Jen admitted to using some A-lister skin products, the actress also have interesting tips that we can definitely try. The actress takes time to steam her pores at night, before proceeding with her usual skin care routine. Jen is also fond of moisturizers, and was once a brand Ambassador for Cetaphil. However, one moisturizer that the actress recommends is water. She admits to consume at least 12 glasses a day. Water does not only moisturize the skin, it is also one of the necessary components to achieving that skin radiance that Jen has.

Finally, Jennifer’s toned bod is one of the things that women admire and envy at the same time. Jen’s secret to maintaining her fit figure is not as complicated or artificial as we thought. She simply practices yoga, not just for her body but for her mental health, as well. Aside from this, a busy celebrity like Jen still finds time to have at least 20-minutes of cardio activity. Ladies might also be pleased to know that even the very fit Jennifer Aniston looks forward to her cheat day, too!

Celebrities, no matter how famous they are, will always have their simple or normal ways of looking good. Most of these we can also achieve, and even improvised based on our lifestyle, and skin and body type. Jennifer Aniston is definitely one of the few actresses now that exudes both simplicity and beauty.

Attain Beautiful Skin Naturally at Home

Ladies! Here comes a home remedy that will help maintain your facial beauty at the comfort of your home.

Women generally tend to be much conscious about their skin condition. And why should not they? Skin, being the most superficial aspect of our body, needs to be perfectly glowing and spotless for it adds a charm to one’s persona.

We all agree to the fact that natural remedies are better than the chemical containing cosmetics. When following natural methods, you shall experience great benefits and almost nil side effects. Moreover, they are cheaper and more convenient.

In this blog post, we shall talk about the role of gram flour in combating mild dermatological issues.



Oily skin acts as a fertile soil that grows pimples easily. Dirt and dust particles find no difficulty in sticking onto an oily skin and clog the pores. Gram flour serves as an effective ingredient in absorbing the excess oil from skin, hence aids in the prevention of pimples. Add few drops of rose water to this gram flour paste for more enhanced effects. Rose water will help your skin attain an even tone.

This multi tasking ingredient is equally effective in warding off dryness from skin. Mix some milk, turmeric powder and honey into gram flour paste and apply the mask onto your face. Let it remain for 15 minutes and once dried, rinse it off. The addition of turmeric powder brings in anti-inflammatory quality to the paste, which is good for killing the P.acnes bacteria.