Stealing Looks from Charlize Therone


The looks she wears on the red carpet are nothing far from glamorous. Like a true Hollywood goddess, she struts gracefully and confidently in designer gowns and heels. Yes, that is how award-winning actress CharlizeTherone wears fashion. Reviewing her outfits from past to present, one could say she has never had any wardrobe malfunction, expect for her self-confessed story about Julianne Moore fixing the back of her dress and it was absolutely a fashion emergency.

CharlizeTherone always stole the spotlight in star-studded events. Even as new faces spring up in the movie industry, she manages to stay on top effortlessly. Want to copy her style?

On the streets, she stays edgy and stylish. Her get-ups sometimes have a hint of androgyny, but most of the time you notice how well she makes every garb work. As one of the most photographed celebrities, her event and casual looks show up in the news. What was she wearing and who was she wearing are the most basic questions and how she rocked it comes right after, or the other way.

Heels are also her favourite pieces to ramp on. Don’t you think goddesses have the right to wear heels than most people? Not necessarily, but CharlizeTherone’s style inspires women to wear high heels more and be daring. You don’t even have to be so revealing and flaunt every asset that you got. Instead, you have the choice to be fashion forward and fearless. In keeping your personal style, all you have to do is enhance it and show it. That’s what this talented artist does and as you may already know, you can steal looks from CharlizeTherone, but you can never rob her out of style.

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