Plastic Fantastic


We love sheer fabrics, especially the sexy teasing ones this season and during the last. What’s even more fashion forward today is transparent plastic. All tried on dresses, shoes and bags, this Spring/Summer 2013 trend is bound to steal your hearts away.

For coverups, plastic jackets turns rock n’ roll into chic. Trenchcoats at Burberry are upgraded in modern ready-to-ramp plastic looks, making it an instant shield against rain. Cropped blazers are so posh that you can’t bear not to have one in your closet. If fur wraps ruled winter, now plastic is on top this summer.

Bags shine in lots of  see-through colors from neons to brights and neutrals. You just won’t get enough of them. Being a big trend for the season, it’s something you can hardly throw away. If you already have one, go flaunt it and make sure the contents of your translucent purse are neatly organized.

Opaque edges, heels and straps, these are total must-have details on your footwear. Next time you go shoe shopping, don’t forget to list this down. Not only is it trendy but contemporary as well. Imagine what you’ll be missing if you ignore such a fashion staple.

What else? Plastic necklaces, plastic pendants, plastic bangles, plastic headbands, plastic hats. Whether they would still be stylish next year, only the designers are in the right position to decide. The important things are always the ones heating up now. And since plastic, we sure do hope it doesn’t melt so soon in this fast-paced soon-to-get-bored industry.

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