Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013: Trends As Friends


The fashion scoop on this year’s Parisian ramps:
Supersurfaced Florals


Don’t bother to ask if florals would ever leave Spring because it’s the strongest symbol of the season. This year, flower patterns are bolder and more modern. Designers make florals bloom in appliques and bright and rich colors.
Cropped Cover-ups

cop  Balmain-spring-2013-jackets_black-and-white

Prepare to bare you midriffs. Karl Lagerfeld and Roland Mouret made upper outerwear to a crop. While Chanel tweed jackets were only shortened to some extent, Mouret’s motor-inspired jacket was intensely cut to a copped top.
Tomboy Shorts


Hemlines for shorts have added some inches down revealing boisterous silhouettes. This style, as compared to flesh-flashing hotpants, miniskirts and thigh high slits, attempt a more modest trend in fashion and clearly looks more laid back. If you’re going for comfort apparel, don a pair of this trendy long shorts in denim, tailored and printed versions.
Ruffle Huffle


Nothing bursts with drama like ruffles on the runway. Louder than fringe, ruffles manage to out-do lace in terms of sexiness. Who needs that subtle flirting lace when you can tease and please with free-spirit ruffles all season long?
Double-breasted Styles

Paris Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2013

Powerdressing is among its best in outerwear and pantsuits. Double-breasted tailoring refines corporate clothes as inspired by the 80s and tuxwear.
Denim Class

No one in the right mind would want to make denim go away, even if he or she is in a position to do so as this hot trend proves to have a permanent spot in any rack, shelf o closet. Denim is everywhere from dresses to maxi skirts to suits to embellishments, making it clear that it goes beyond the jeans department.
Blue Bludgeons


Be pleased to see blue in as many shades as possible. Some blues look paler and more cozy, while others include darker shades and well-defined shoulders.
Sheer Stratums


Wear sheer in layers as seen at Stella McCartney. It’s the best way to flirt without a word this season.
Colorblock Revivals

Christian Dior: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring / Summer 2013

Before you say it isn’t new, take a good look at suits of leather and bold colors. Nothing ever bounces at our eyes like great colorblocking in bigger clothes.



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