Orange: The Way to Glow In 2013



The Orange Lids


You need to apply a primer first before smoothing eye shadow. From lash line to crease, apply with a flat eye shadow brush. Dab in windshield-wiper motions with a blending brush for a sossy effect.  Use a flesh tone eye shadow to compliment brow bones. For an impeccable  finish, put on some brown eyeliner and mascara.

Want smokey eyes?

Create a gorgeous orange smokey eye with glittering shades of  black, plum, nude and orange. Use an orange tone with a crease brush on the outer side of the lid for great color effects.


The Ponkan Blush


Buy makeup with the flawless golden shimmer. Women with lighter skin tone should use golden orange or golden peach. Apply on apples of cheeks using the fluffy type of brush. Put some flesh tone on cheekbones to further emphasize cheeks. Check if there are any misguided edges in your makeup.


The Yummy Lips


Check which shade suits you.  True orange shades blend beautifully with blondes, caramel and dark-skinned women while red-orange can look great on anyone.

Matte is your perfect bet. Gloss risks smearing or smudging, so better be safe than sorry. However, if you do prefer lip gloss, don’t dab more than one layer. Sheer gloss can do amazing things to the whole face and if you’re loving orange, go for anything peachy or a little rusty.

You may try a stronger shade and dab it on your lower lip then blend. For the most radiant type of orange, consider putting the same shade of liner first then apply color straight from the tube.

Remember, lip liner and lipstick MUST match.


And if you still feel you can carry the trend, double up your doze of confidence. It starts with feeling good about yourself from within.




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