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Quran the holy religious book of the Muslims has clearly put down the principles and the qualities of an ideal Muslim partner. Quran is the apparent place to try to find the standards of the habits of an ideal husband. Islam as in the west does not allow the practice of having girlfriends and premarital sex. It has plainly laid down that men who are capable of supporting their better half ought to wed so regarding safeguard their chastity. Those men who regard themselves as unfit for marriage are needed to exercise fasting. It is the Muslim family that plays a significant role in selecting the ideal partner for both women and men. The preacher of the faith guides the Muslim husband to opt for a religious Muslim female so regarding have a happy and a binding moral Islamic marriage. It is for that reason the ideal Muslim men who choose a responsible mindset of the women to build a everlasting and strong marriage and Islamic relationship.

The foremost and first duty of a Muslim partner is to supply food, clothing and shelter for his wife and to his offsprings as a result of the marriage. It is therefore understood that women have no financial duty towards supporting the family and it is the main duty of the men to supply financial security for the family. The Muslim spouse is likewise needed to offer his partner business and refrain anything that would damage his partner. The Muslim religious law license’s a better half to divorce her husband in case if she shows that her husband is damaging her by beating her unlawfully or if he is addicted to alcohol. The Islamic faith requires a Muslim guy to offer financial help to his wife even after divorce and does not permit to conflict in the way she would select her life after divorce.

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If she is not aware of the Muslim customs, additionally the Islamic law or the Islamic Shariah likewise needs the Muslim spouse to educate his better half. He doesn’t need to reduce her, however safeguard and support her. An ideal other half is needed to consult his spouse on essential family matters and follow it if he discovers it to be sensible and good. The holy book has actually licensed the Islamic other half to beat his other half gently in case if she does not follow the Islamic norms and if she fails to obey her husband in spite of her being enlightened by him.

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Finally an ideal Islamic other half is one who treats his other half with dignity. A spouse is required to treat his better half in the best possible method with a smiling face and with lots of tolerance and a simple going nature. An ideal Muslim guy would make his spouse to adopt Islamic principles, would appreciate her and her family would support her and will certainly stand by her at the time of a crisis. The most vital duty of an Islamic individual is to keep a balance in between his partner and his mom. It is with the best attitude and gentle nature that a Muslim partner would win over his spouse so as to make a successful Islamic family.

Sayyid Qutb declined to recognize the teaching of separation of religion and state; he asserted that Muslims who follow manufactured laws, such as the united states Constitution, will certainly be incapable to share Islamic relationships with fellow Muslims since of the doctrine of Separation. He called for the establishment of Islamic Sharia for the Muslim community all over they are found, and use their utmost to transform others to Islam. He claimed that nonreligious constitutions restrict the faith of Islam, and unavoidable, there will be a dispute in between the demands of Western governments and Islam. He stated a true Muslim living in the West is not totally free to serve his God due to the fact that he has to live by manufactured laws, and acknowledge their authority instead of God’s law represented by the Islamic sharia. Qutb concludes the West will be ruined from within since of its absence of spiritual values, and will undoubtedly be eclipsed by a more superior civilization of Islam.

Just if the Muslim partner is good and follows Islam will the family be able to lead a delighted married life.

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