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Megan Fox has actually certainly hit the big time in Hollywood over the previous few years, with starring roles in 2 of the greatest films of recent times, i.e. Transformers 1 and 2. She has also been voted ‘the Sexiest Women in the World,” by FHM readers, in addition to many other high rankings in men’s magazine rating surveys. The American sex symbol has certainly proceeded from her simple stats on the little screen.

After numerous little screen roles, consisting of a repeating role in Hope and Faith, Megan landed her first big film role in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. This role must have acquired her notification, since in 2007 she landed a significant film role in Michael Bays hit Transformers.

Although very happy with the film in its totality, Fox has actually confessed her own acting was below par, as compared to her Co star and buddy Shia Labeouf. She quite naturally, for a Hollywood Starlet, confesses that this was her very first significant role and she had a hard time to stay up to date with the enigmatic Labeouf, along with the quantity of blue screen work that a film so controlled by special results demanded.

Megan Fox: More News

Prior to we begin talking about how unthankful Megan Fox is for Bay’s Transformers films shoving her into the spotlight, let’s think about the point in the argument where Bay lost a few of his listeners. As his defense versus Fox’s claims that his films are more about special results than acting, Bay may have stated some ‘very absurd things’ of his own. Rather of defending the quality of the Transformers movies, Bay threw out the names of some significant Hollywood stars. Amongst them were Nicholas Cage, Ben Affleck, and Will Smith. According to Bay, none of these Hollywood favorites were ‘huge’ stars or movie stars prior to he cast them.

What does this have to do with megan fox?

Let’s begin with Nicholas Cage. Michael Bay claims Cage ‘wasn’t a big star’ when he cast him in his 1996 film, The Rock. The cage had already won an Oscar and Golden Globe Award for his role in 1995’s Leaving Las Vegas. He had also starred in function movies such as It Could Happen to You and Moonstruck. Unless Bay suggested he wasn’t a big action star up until The Rock, he’s a little off the mark with this statement.

Continuing The Conversation

In 2008 she starred opposite Simon Peg, the British funny star who has taken Hollywood by a tornado. This was, possibly, a much less requiring role as it asked her to play virtually the flip side of herself. She played a Hollywood star who was worshipped by her peers and fans alike for her appearances; a Diva on the outside but with concealed depths. A noteworthy contrast to her own simple personality and virtually a direct snub to those who saluted her as a nothing actress, whose fame was just due to her appearances, after her performance in Transformers.

After a bit part in Whore in 2008, Fox reprised her role as Mikaela Banes in Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen. Although this film suffered at the hands of the critics, Fox’s acting capability was significantly of a much greater standard. She has actually gone on from this success to land successive film roles and appears to be going from strength to strength. Her getaway as a zombie awesome, in the teen flick, Jennifer’s Body, was celebrated more for her partially nude scene.

Her most current film yet to be released, Passion Play, has seen her star opposite the likes of screen legends, Bill Murray and Mickey Rourke. We can hope that this attitude will only enhance her on screen credibility, not to discuss steepen her acting learning curve.

Beyond film Megan delights in a distanced relationship with the press, although acutely observed and reported on, Megan appears to be getting the balance between public and personal life right, as much as any Hollywood star can in this day and age. She’s been quoted as revealing admiration for stars such as Daniel Day Lewis, who she sees as hugely effective, but, as having too much self-respect to be in the papers every day, such as stars like Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson. Again, this admiration and her almost take stars such as Day Lewis as her role design, show an inner integrity and humbleness, that is pleasant to see in such a lovely and young Hollywood star; who could, if she permitted it, be rather the opposite.

Next, there’s Ben Affleck, who Bay says has not been a star up to his role in 1998’s Armageddon. Again, Bay needs to have suggested that he had not been an active star until this film. Either that or he entirely forgot that Affleck had actually already starred in, and written, Good Will Hunting. Affleck and co-writer Matt Damon won Oscars for their screenplay, thrusting both actors into the welcoming radiance of Hollywood stardom, and opening the door for directors like Bay to scoop them up for their own smash hits.

Megan Denise Fox was born in 1986 in Tennessee, the youngest of 2 ladies. In 2010, she wed her ‘on off” partner, Brian Austin Green, in a private event on Miami Beach, with a Greens boy as their only witness. She is well-known for having various tattoos on her individual, one being a quote from William Shakespeare’s King Lear, ‘We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.” The long tattoo on her ribs reads, ‘There when was a little girl who never ever knew love up until a child broke her heart,” a reference to an old boyfriend possibly? She likewise has the face of Marilyn Monroe on her arm.

With the awards from ‘lads mags,” still rolling in, an abundance of film roles and obviously the upcoming smash hit that will be Transformers 3; there seems to be no stopping Megan as she continues to be among Hollywood’s most popular young stars. Throw in her own sense of quirkiness, combined with the image of a normal woman, who hasn’t let popularity turn her into, simply another Hollywood drug, drink addled queen and we have the ideal mix for an absolute star whose absolutely here to stay.

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