Keep Your Mind under Control

Ladies! Here is something new at Femmina Style, and believe me, it has a lot to do with enhancing your beauty and personality. Keeping your mind under your control adds charms to your persona, and keeps the stress signs away from you.


Your mind is all your possession. It should not be driven mad by what others do to you. The women gender is particularly known to get highly emo at what wrong others say or do to them. Although it is not easy to make your brain learn to keep calm at uneasy times, but tips and tricks can make it work. Meditation is the best of all tricks. Keeping all quite and calm for twenty minutes daily in the morning and listening to what your mind wants to say is an effective therapy indeed.


Think about the consequences

When your mind goes out of control and all you want is to smash other person’s face, just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think about consequences. Once you succeed in doing this, you won’t have to work quite hard the next time.


Protect your mind from stress

Saving your brain from going into the dungeons of stress is a big step towards attaining self satisfaction.

Stress usually develops due to over thinking. All you need to do is that when you are overwhelmed, just sit back and relax. Your mind needs to come into some proper form before it is capable of thinking again.

Thinking about what has already passed and what has yet to come also adds greatly to stress. Women particularly tend to do this thing daily. Hence, try to brighten up your ‘today’, since your future is all dependent upon your present.

People who take a lot of stress are seen to develop signs of aging earlier on their skin.


Create optimism around yourselves

You are no prisoner or a criminal who has to stay in the dungeons of negativity. Wipe off all the pessimism around you and enter into the heavens of positive thinking.





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