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Fashion is a word that is very similar to a woman’s heart. Irrespective of the rifts at social, economic and geographical levels, all of us are united with this common thread, fashion! Although, all of us have a liking for trendy clothes and accessories, very few of us actually make a mark of their own in the fashion world. You may have a boyfriend who shops during the same store as you, goes to same salon as you and yet manages to make her mark through her appearance. Why? Probably because she knows as few fashion secrets and a lot of latest fashion trends which you do not. Remember fashion for women is all about feeling good about yourself and choosing right clothes and accessories. While you’ll have to work upon the first section on your own, we can certainly assist you with the rest.

A good Fashion online store is when it provides a lot of styles and colors and sizes. So make sure you check what the website you’re buying from has to offer for you. See whether it suits your requirements. Many fashion websites offer a special type of clothes and accessories. While one brand may offer very formal and slick designs, another website may be known for its gypsy and free-spirited clothes. So make sure the website you look to for fashion reflects a little of your own fashion sense.

In the end, make sure you enjoy shopping online as much as real. After all, it’s easier, effortless and cheaper. So on the whole online fashion shopping has a lot to offer if you see where exactly to look.

Moving Forward With This

I never quite understood the whole concept of desperately trying to look young! What’s wrong with looking your age? If you’re 40, why you’d like to look like a 20 year old? Fashion for mature women over 40 is indeed different from that for young girls. After all, how long you’ll be able to defy your age? At one point, you’ll have to abandon the all your efforts of looking young and live with what you are! The moment of realization may bring a lot of disappointment to some women. Hence, one advice for women over 50 is that, accept the reality that you will not look eternally young and face your age with confidence. This acceptance will help you to make a wise decision while choosing outfits and accessories. Aging gracefully is the secret to looking good eternally. The most glamorous and beautiful women in history accepted their defeat to nature graciously and believed in looking their age.

To widen the discussion about fashion in india )…

I might come across as blunt, but yes, when we’re talking about fashion, the role of size cannot be ignored. While we accept that real women are nowhere close to the skeletons we see on ramp, they likewise shouldn’t wear the clothes exhibited at such shows. Let your body choose the clothes for itself. I am not saying that overweight women should not wear short, revealing clothes, but then, women’s plus size clothing could be a better option for them. If figure hugging clothes make you comfortable and happy, sure go for it. But at the same time, don’t blindly follow fashion trends. Just because you’re 20, it doesn’t say that you can pull off any outfit with elan. On the other hand, mature women in their 40s, 50s and 60s need not restrict them to granny clothes. If you have a great body, go ahead and flaunt it. As long as you keep your makeup and accessories sober, you sure can make a style statement even in your ripe age.

Crazy Things About Fashion In India

If you’re a working woman go for formal trousers and blouses for office wear. Urban fashion clothing for women is a great blend of style and professionalism. Young girls can wear knee length skirts with or without stockings. Opt for neutral colors such as brown, black, navy, gray for bottoms. Pastels shirts and blouses look great on mature women. Women’s clothing for office, should be decent and comfortable. For outings or summer parties, you can wear nice, floral printed long skirts or dresses. You also have an option of wearing capris with comfortable T-shirts. Summer dresses are apt for casual parties or patio get-togethers. Keep your outfit in sync with the conditions outside. Know what fashion in summer and fall is like through these articles.

For evening parties keep your options restricted to knee length or longer cocktail dresses. One shoulder dresses in satin or silk look extremely glamorous. Go for plunging necklines, only if you’ve got a great body to flaunt. Invest in a nice quality party shoes and a bag. Keep jewelry to bare minimum, if your dress is already too glamorous.

The age factor that I was talking about becomes more pronounced when we speak about makeup. Young girls and women can wear bold, glittery colors and get away with it. However, a woman of 50 wearing same makeup may attract too much attention for wrong reasons. Irrespective of your age, you should apply some makeup, for that sophisticated and polished look. Go for peach, rose, plum shades of lipstick and eyeshadow for day time. Browns, mauve, purples look stunning at night. Young girls can experiment with eye shadows in bold colors such as turquoise and bright green. Hair fashion for older women and younger alike will vary according to the length, style of your hair as well as your occupation.

The trends in makeup also shifted in the 1990s. Nude shades turned popular and women had a wider color palette in brown. One particular fashion trend that emerged in the 1990’s was that of matte lipsticks. Deep shades of red and dark wine colors were worn as part of night makeup.

Now that we’re done with predicting current fashion trends for women, would not it be fascinating to find out what the 1800s fashion was like? This era is also known as the Victorian era, after the ruling Queen Victoria. Two-thirds of this century was dominated by the Victorian culture. Victorian fashion was influenced by none other than Queen Victoria. Long flowing, floral printed gowns with bell sleeves was the trademark 18th century fashion costume and clothing. The fetish for high heels among women began to grow from this era itself. This era was also marked with rapid changes in the socio-economic status of the world. The rift between social classes began to diminish. While fashion in the region of the middle ages was strictly on the basis of social category of the person, fashion in the 1800s was more egalitarian in a way. For instance, royal fabrics like silk, velvet weren’t restricted to the monarchs.

The 1900s were a time to acknowledge the revolutionary changes in every field. These changes were also recorded in the fashion industry. With the introduction of newer mediums of entertainment, first cinema and then television, fashion trends in this century were highly affected by the silver screen. Women became liberal in more ways than one and managed to make their presence felt in various walks of life. Naturally, 1900s fashion for women was more about convenience, comfort, and a strong reflection of their personal identity. Each decade had something new to offer to the fashion industry. However, retro fashion can be called the landmark of this century. Not only was this style lifted from silver screen, but it was further responsible for the growing sense of fashion consciousness among common people. Let us take a quick walk through the memory lane to know all about clothing in each decade.

The first half of 1920s was more conservative in a way. However, the second half gave way to more liberal dressing style for women. Short skirts were a hugely popular 1920s fashion clothing, as were the short flowing dresses.

Fashion styles for women in 1930s were more feminine yet classy with butterfly sleeves and low cut dresses. Different types of hats were the signature fashion of this period.

Post World War II, designers were exposed to fabrics around the world due to liberal trading policies. Clothes accentuating the curves were a highlight of 1950s fashion for women. Besides, 1950s clothing showed a strict bifurcation in evening wear, casual clothing, and professional clothing.

Workouts turned out to get a hip look during the 1990s. This was the time when lycra clothing made its mark in women’s clothing. Clothing made from lycra sold like hot cakes. Such sporty clothing was soon incorporated as daily wear.

It isn’t possible to speak about the 1960s fashion without mentioning hippie fashion. This is still popular today. This era was characterized by the rebellious youth, who believed in making their own style statement. Colorful frills, leather boots, collarless jackets, comfortable slacks were a regular clothing for women. However, it was the bell bottom jeans and hipsters which made its presence all over the place. Headbands and large goggles were a must have accessory during 1960s hippie fashion.

This was the period, when baby boomers were in their youth. This generation believed in looking as different as possible from the norm. This rebellion attitude was truly taken into account in the 1970s fashion. Women wear skirts in varying length with platform heels. Disco outfits were a big highlight of 70s fashion.

Unsurprisingly, 1980s fashion was inspired by music industry and MTV. Women’s 1980s fashion clothing was derived from Madonna’s fishnet stockings and lacy outfits.

Culture is what inspires fashion the most. Although, we talked about the liberating trends for women, there are still a large majority of women who’re burqa clad, oblivious to the evolution of fashion trends. To the other extreme end, we have Gothic fashion. This is best described by the word eccentric. Spiky hair, black nails, wild colors, everything is acceptable in Gothic fashion. Moving to the other end of the world, one can see lot many variations in women’s fashion. Authentic or traditional Indian fashion is characterized by rich fabrics and heavy handwork. In far east, trends in Japanese fashion have also helped to the fashion industry. However, the most influential fashion culture after ancient Greek fashion is the French and Italian fashion industry. These two places are a mecca for young designers and models alike.

You may agree that keeping pace with changing trends is indeed a task after understanding these high fashion clothing trends throughout the centuries. However, your confidence and attitude can help you make a mark irrespective of your age or other factors.

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