Fashion East for Fall 2013

Who wouldn’t love a collection of color boost and fabric play?This season, Fashion East sets a fun, bright, and snazzy trendwith colors and cuts you’d surely love.While it’s necessary to cover up during fall,wouldn’t it be nicer to feel like summer’s already here?The collection is perfectly hip and upbeat withnotions of childishness, humor, and youthful glamour.Despite the oddness of accessories and silhouettes, it’s always the wearer who decides what’s wearable.Of course,no girl should wear statement pieces from head to toe.Bunnies, puppies, teddy bears, and fishes,  African babydolls in fussy white outfit-what were Claire Barrow, Ashley Williams and Ryan Lo thinking?

                  Fashion East fashion East 

   A wedding garb complete with veil,full skirt, and layers on sleeves.

                  fashion-east-012 (1)

Matching orange blouse and pants stand out in the collection as well as this orange coat with pointy collars.

                 fashion-east-034 Fashion East

Babyish pink comes in sheer and fur.

                fashion-east-015 fashion-east-014

Fluttery see-through pastels and cobwebby grays romanticize and punk up the range at the same time.

               Fashion East fashion-east-030

Metallic pieces appear in bulks.

              Fashion East Fashion East

Black looks swag as if ready to bulldoze anything that gets in its way.

              Fashion East

Brown struts the runway as the most earthy shade on coats.

              Fashion East

For stripes, you’d love these vertical lines in fur, commemorating Cruella De Ville, while horizontal ones look cozy on a knitted top.

              Fashion East Fashion East

             Fashion East

Don’t forget hearts, stars, texts, and whatever fashionable print you can think of!

           Fashion East Fashion East   Fashion East

Rock n’ roll also manages to take part in the show with Elvis Presley on the pieces.

          Fashion East Fashion East Fashion East

To keep warm, fur remains a must-have including  fur collars, wraps, fur coats,  and fur onesies.

        Fashion East Fashion East Fashion East

Most of all, sheer keeps Fashion East’s Fall 2013 collection soft in the eye yet intricately fussy.However, nothing says sensually beautiful like ruffles, transparency and short hemlines.

      Fashion East Fashion East Fashion East

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