Dress Your Way to Look Thinner



Dressing style is the topic favorite to the female gender, yet they find it really complex and at times, extremely confusing.

There are ample of ways a women can dress to make herself look elegant, classy, trendy, funky, formal, taller, or maybe thinner?

Yes, in this week’s blog post, we shall discuss ¬†about various kinds of dressing styles and clothes, that can magically make you appear slimmer.

No matter if you are already lean, but the way you dress highly affects the way your body looks.

Just some handy useful tricks, and everyone will appreciate your smart looking physique.

Firstly, if you are broad in figure, avoid wearing clothes printed with horizontal stripes. They add even more to your broadness and you may appear husky. Instead, go for vertical stripes. They add more to the vertical aspect of your body and hence, you may look taller and leaner.

Moreover, if you weight too much, avoid wearing revealing dresses. You would not want your body to appear as bulges. Instead, your dress must be loose at places where your body is heavy. Such as if your thighs are at the heavier side, try wearing jeans that do not fit too tightly at the place.

Color tricks also works most of the times. For example, wearing darker colored jeans or pants over heavy legs can hide away several pounds.

As already stated, avoid wearing tight clothes. But loose baggy outfits won’t make you look slimmer either. The trick is that, loosen up your dress at places where your body bulges out, but put your dress into shape where it fits onto the comparatively slimmer parts of your body.


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