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Being associated with one particular role can prove problematic for some actresses. Jennifer Aniston however, has enjoyed a ten-year stint in an internationally successful television sitcom and a career in movies. She became famous for her excellent comedic timing and pin up good looks but her ability for drama also came to the bow.

Aniston has had some critical success with her roles in’ The Good Girl’ and’ The Object of My Affection ‘, but critical success does not count at the box office and, finally, if Jennifer Aniston is not bringing in the money, she will find offers to make movies start to dry up.

You must admit it makes sense…

Acting was in the blood as both her parents were actors. Jennifer Aniston’s Godfather was actor Telly Savalas, famous for his portrayal as Kojak. After appearing in Broadway plays, she re-set to Hollywood and secured small roles in TV and films. Destiny intervened when she auditioned for Friends and she played Rachel Green from 1994 until 2004. The world fell in love with Rachel and Aniston won an Emmy and a Golden Globe.

Let’s Go Further

The show was the big break for the remaining members of the ensemble cast too. Fans followed the on / off romance between Rachel and Ross, played by David Schwimmer. These culminated in them finally getting together in the final episode. In real life, Jennifer Aniston married Brad Pitt in a whirl of publicity in 2000. Sadly, the marriage came to an end and the couple was divorced five years later. They had been among the most famous couples in the world.

Along with praise for her acting and for the show came an obsession with her hair-do. This became known as the Rachel. Women would walk into hair salons and ask for their hair to be cut just like Jennifer Aniston’s. The hairstyles would come and go but tabloid journalists are more interested in her love life now and each new relationship is scrutinized.

The show had brought a terrific salary for the six regulars and Aniston was named as the 10th wealthiest woman in the entertainment industry in 2007. It was time to make the transition into a leading lady for movies after Friends. In the romantic comedy, She’s the One, Aniston is caught in an unhappy marriage. She takes center stage in another comedy, Picture Perfect, in which her love life is complicated by characters played by Jay Mohr and Kevin Bacon.

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