Charge your Life- Add a Pinch of Happiness to it

being happy


Being happy is not easy, everyone who has tasted the jest of real life knows it well. But they also realize that a pinch of happiness in life is nearly as important as food.

It is not necessary to be happy and cheerful 24/7.

By the word happiness, we do not mean that you dance and sing around or you shovel up flakes in the air. But by happiness, we mean ‘Self satisfaction’.

This we think is the only “true happiness” one can get in this stress aggravating era. With busy days, and a bunch of people around you who think you are just one that they can criticize and at times, burden you with their worldly problems, you need to put your mind and heart into a room of self satisfaction.

Celebrate your success

You do not have to throw a huge bash or invite a large number of people to celebrate anything which you are excited about. A small celebration with your family, your partner, or your closest friend does miracles.

Bake a cake, cook a turkey, and celebrate it at your home, making your selves satisfied at what you achieved.

Be happy with your own sources

What other people posses is none of your business. They too don’t have what you have got. Believe me, if you are satisfied with your own resources, no amount of wealth in this world can make you feel better. If you want to achieve something, you must try harder and contain patience.

Consider your present

Your past is gone and your future is yet to come. Worrying about any of these two won’t do any good or bring any change. Ponder over your present. If your present is good, it would automatically lighten up your future as well.

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