Everyday Hairstyles for Everyday Girls


We see hair stylists spend time in their job with a lot of rituals and materials and whatever there is to keep hair the way they’re supposed to look. The effort is obvious, especially when it really takes more than half an hour to get everything done. What about you? Do you have time to style up?

Real girls, as we call ourselves are usually too busy to have a salon appointment or even stress on how to wear anything. The thing is, we shouldn’t stress over anything at all when it comes to being beautiful. It’s the hair team’s task because if you don’t know how to lead these strands, you’d better just sit pretty and relax. In the name of beauty, you need to save at least one or half a day to get your hair done. You’ll be glad you did one day.

How to wear hair for everyday events:

Business meeting. Wear a neat updo. It’s better to look poised and professional. Can’t do a chignon? Do a ponytail instead, but make sure your strands don’t scrag or stray, or it’ll end up looking like broom.

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Date Night. Wear your hair down. It’s time to let the beauty of your locks flow. Wash it clean and nice, and apply some hair treatment for a prettier finish.


Girls’ Night Out. It’s a great time to let your hair go free as well. Whether you’re rocking a rebond, curls or slight waves, there’s nothing like gorgeous free-flowing hair that parties with you all along.

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Day Date. Braid your hair for a laid back look. Do it on the side, at the back, or on top of your head. Let your friend or sister do it if you can’t. In braids, you wouldn’t look too cool nor too fashionable. A healthy dose of chic is exactly what you need either on a sunny or gloomy day.

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Spring/Summer 2013: Hair and Makeup Trends to Follow

Got new ways to fix you hair? Fresh from the Spring 2013 amps, we’re bringing the newest beauty and hair trends to you.

Here’s how hair must be this season:

Knot your hair in a messy do. That’s the coolest way to avoid having hair slapping others through the wind.


Part your hair diagonally for a neat look.


Twist your hair sideways for a ponytail, either on the right or left, whichever suits you best.



Tie ponytails lower this season if you’ve got enough height to rock it. For the shorter girls, better try other styles.


Now, what is beauty if you don’t flatter it? The best way to flaunt what you have is no only through clothes and accessories. You just have to put on some color, and we don’t mean natural flush, on to your face for more style and of course, fashion.

Do you have a beautician? Ask fo the latest looks on the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris. Try not to put on the styles that don’t suit you, because we’re sure you’ll find something that compliments your beauty.

Take a break from all those bloody and wintery hues as Spring has fresh, cool and eye-popping dabs to choose from. Perfect skin is a must with velvety but never cakey finish. Cheekbones are glamorized this season. Emphasize yours, or if they aren’t well-defined, go define them on your own. Beware of overdefining them, though.



For lips, apply the only colors that matter –






neon pink, hot fuchsia, and exotic coral. They bring warmth to French and Italian looks on the Spring/Summer 2013 runways instead of coldness that darker hues exude.


Why Every Woman Should Wear Braids

All kinds of braids are gorgeous for 2013 but the trendiest are ones seen on spring and fall runways. If you’ve got enough lengthy locks to get these braids goin, then it’s an opportune moment to have a new hairstyle. Check out these lovely looks we have just for you.

We love this dutch lace braid which is primped at the back on one side, making it  total creative do. It’s also one of the key factors that made  Alexandre Herchovitch’s show interesting.


At Jen Kao, braids are placed diagonally for a modern twist. The two pigtails don’t have to be even to make it work. Just make sure you pin them well and flat to the back of your head.


Who loves headbands? Maybe they’re not in for the season but braids worn like headbands are. Get this preppy and chic look at Alice + Olivia by creating two low pigtails and twist them all over your head. To have the airy effect, just stretch out the braid and remember to pin them nicely.


If you can’t speak French, you’d learn to french-braid faster. Do it from nape to crown.Ever heard of a sideways quiff? Back comb hair and give it a twist.


Don’t you think fishtails are romantic? Try this laid-back but classy look . Although it’s a messy ‘do, we love it because women can shift from cowgirl to girl-next-door with it.


Now if you want to experiment with other styles, go ahead. Just keep your hair fresh, clean, soft and manageable at all times.