Aniston Shimmers at 40

She is one of the stars who is apparently taking age gracefully way too seriously. Jennifer Aniston looks as radiant as she is as Rachel Green. Her blonde locks still look as healthy as ever, and her body is undeniably toned.

Some of us often credit these celebrities’ looks for the kind of lavish lifestyle that they have. However, one of the things that many women adore about Aniston is her dashingly simple appeal, which makes women believe that it is actually possible to copy her style.

While there is already no denying Jen’s celebrity status and how far she has come from being that quirky girl from Friends, it is also inspiring to know how she follows beauty regimens that an average woman can follow.

jenniferanistonFor instance, one of Jen’s secrets to maintaining her healthy hair is not blow drying it. According to her stylists, she takes time to air dry her hair, thus the lush appearance that requires minimal styling. Blow drying is known to make the hair look duller over time.

Although Jen is often seen with her sleek, straight her, the actress also sometimes wears sexy beach curls. She achieves these curls in almost the same way that we probably did, braiding our hair overnight! The result is a really good beach curls sassy enough for a party, but also casual enough for some errands.

The actress’ glowing skin cannot be missed, as well. Although Jen admitted to using some A-lister skin products, the actress also have interesting tips that we can definitely try. The actress takes time to steam her pores at night, before proceeding with her usual skin care routine. Jen is also fond of moisturizers, and was once a brand Ambassador for Cetaphil. However, one moisturizer that the actress recommends is water. She admits to consume at least 12 glasses a day. Water does not only moisturize the skin, it is also one of the necessary components to achieving that skin radiance that Jen has.

Finally, Jennifer’s toned bod is one of the things that women admire and envy at the same time. Jen’s secret to maintaining her fit figure is not as complicated or artificial as we thought. She simply practices yoga, not just for her body but for her mental health, as well. Aside from this, a busy celebrity like Jen still finds time to have at least 20-minutes of cardio activity. Ladies might also be pleased to know that even the very fit Jennifer Aniston looks forward to her cheat day, too!

Celebrities, no matter how famous they are, will always have their simple or normal ways of looking good. Most of these we can also achieve, and even improvised based on our lifestyle, and skin and body type. Jennifer Aniston is definitely one of the few actresses now that exudes both simplicity and beauty.

Female Fitness


Getting into shape and being fit and slim is every woman’s desire. But it is not as easy as stated. Really hard exercises and hours of starvation are carried out in order to appear lean and smart. However, many fitness seekers yet remain unsatisfied with the results.

Of course, tiring exercises followed by an empty grumbling stomach won’t yield anything good, instead, you will be exhaust at the end of the day, giving up all your hopes and aims.

Feeding yourselves sufficiently with healthy foods while carrying out exercises as well is the trick. And there are certain work outs that can help you accomplish this task.

What are they? Let s find out.

Toning the glutes:

A pair of heavy bulging buttocks is the main fitness issue with females. Hence, here is a work out that aims at your glutes and also, strengthens your core.

Hold a pair of dumbbells and stand on your left foot. Now bend your trunk towards the ground in a manner that your right leg lifts up, is straight and quite parallel to the ground, so is your trunk. Remain in that position for two to three seconds, and then go back to the initial step. Repeat the exercise the second time lifting your left leg while standing on the right one.

Squat and rise:

This kind of work out targets many areas of your lower body, such as the buttocks, hips, inner thighs, as well as your shoulders. You just need to stand with feet apart and toes facing outwards, hands onto your sides holding the dumbbells. Now squat and then rise. Repeat it at least ten to fifteen times.

Dress Your Way to Look Thinner



Dressing style is the topic favorite to the female gender, yet they find it really complex and at times, extremely confusing.

There are ample of ways a women can dress to make herself look elegant, classy, trendy, funky, formal, taller, or maybe thinner?

Yes, in this week’s blog post, we shall discuss  about various kinds of dressing styles and clothes, that can magically make you appear slimmer.

No matter if you are already lean, but the way you dress highly affects the way your body looks.

Just some handy useful tricks, and everyone will appreciate your smart looking physique.

Firstly, if you are broad in figure, avoid wearing clothes printed with horizontal stripes. They add even more to your broadness and you may appear husky. Instead, go for vertical stripes. They add more to the vertical aspect of your body and hence, you may look taller and leaner.

Moreover, if you weight too much, avoid wearing revealing dresses. You would not want your body to appear as bulges. Instead, your dress must be loose at places where your body is heavy. Such as if your thighs are at the heavier side, try wearing jeans that do not fit too tightly at the place.

Color tricks also works most of the times. For example, wearing darker colored jeans or pants over heavy legs can hide away several pounds.

As already stated, avoid wearing tight clothes. But loose baggy outfits won’t make you look slimmer either. The trick is that, loosen up your dress at places where your body bulges out, but put your dress into shape where it fits onto the comparatively slimmer parts of your body.


What to Wear for Office?

Going funky and trendy at casual places is easy. One does not have to spare hours deciding the outfit and jewellery and making a match with the accessories. But for work places, places like offices, universities, etc. those which require a formal dress code, here comes in the main problem.

One has to work five to six days a week and what we all do is, hang up at the closet door scrolling our eyes up and down, from left to right, searching what to wear today. The next day, same story repeats.

Not too funky and not too sober, is what we aim to dress up like every day at work places.

Hence, here are few tips that can save you hours of time and units of energy which you spend in front of your closet every morning.


The Monochrome Trend:


Designers do not get tired launching it, you do not get tired wearing it, and we do not get tired mentioning it again. The monochrome trend, since the time it has been created, rules the ramp, and takes over an edge in fashion. This thing is classy and despite of containing just two colors, that is black and white; it can be moulded and transformed into a variety of styles. Palazzos with shirt, shirt and floral pants, shirt and formal skirt, etc. anything would do in black and white for a formal place.

download (5)




These ‘in fashion’ broad trousers with shirts which can be of versatile patterns, or even plane, would do great for formal places, but just keep in consideration the color that it does not go far too bright.

images (2)


A combo of any color with grey:


Grey is another classy and trendy color, and it is sober as well, so it fits perfectly into the frame of formal dress code. Any other color, particularly red, would make a great combo with grey.


images (3)

Attain Beautiful Skin Naturally at Home

Ladies! Here comes a home remedy that will help maintain your facial beauty at the comfort of your home.

Women generally tend to be much conscious about their skin condition. And why should not they? Skin, being the most superficial aspect of our body, needs to be perfectly glowing and spotless for it adds a charm to one’s persona.

We all agree to the fact that natural remedies are better than the chemical containing cosmetics. When following natural methods, you shall experience great benefits and almost nil side effects. Moreover, they are cheaper and more convenient.

In this blog post, we shall talk about the role of gram flour in combating mild dermatological issues.



Oily skin acts as a fertile soil that grows pimples easily. Dirt and dust particles find no difficulty in sticking onto an oily skin and clog the pores. Gram flour serves as an effective ingredient in absorbing the excess oil from skin, hence aids in the prevention of pimples. Add few drops of rose water to this gram flour paste for more enhanced effects. Rose water will help your skin attain an even tone.

This multi tasking ingredient is equally effective in warding off dryness from skin. Mix some milk, turmeric powder and honey into gram flour paste and apply the mask onto your face. Let it remain for 15 minutes and once dried, rinse it off. The addition of turmeric powder brings in anti-inflammatory quality to the paste, which is good for killing the P.acnes bacteria.


The Bracelet Trend!

Girls! We love bracelets don’t we? We all have at least one of two of this favorite accessory with us all the time in our bags, isn’t it so?

Bracelets remain in fashion throughout the year, irrespective of any season. They add charm to every dress you wear, and to any place you go, you do not have to spare hours thinking upon wearing the right kind of accessory, when you have a good sense of the bracelet trend.

Here are some cool trendy tips that can boost your persona just by helping you with right the type of bracelet that goes with your outfit perfectly.


Metal Bracelets:

Metals are in. Especially those studded with spikes have become the love of many. A metal hand accessory goes well with sober colors, or with monochrome theme (Black and white theme).

images (2)


Delicate bracelets:

Really delicate ones, those with beads and pearls, or just a chain styled simply and decently do well with any outfit.

images (4)


Party wear:

When you fall into the situation of deciding between wearing any jewellery or not, take the help of your bracelets. You do not have to be loaded with accessories. Just a bracelet adored with a jewel would make you look perfect and pretty for a party. Bracelets made out of pearls are best in this case.


Black bauble bracelet:

This thing goes perfectly with black top and white jeans, or you may make it the other way. Black baubles would never betray you when your remaining accessories decide not to match your outfit at the eleventh hour. A simple yet stylish look!


images (1)




Look Fabulous this Season

Who does not want to wear pretty and attention grasping wardrobes? By saying pretty, we do not mean branded or anything else. It is just some color matching techniques and such related ideas, that you can dress perfectly all the time and at all places. Girls, step out and shine, here are some really useful tips regarding daily dressing and color matching, so that you appear fab and fantastic wherever you go.

Color Trends:
The color trends for clothes set up this year allow you an easy and comfortable matching, and that you do not have to spare so much time to think over what should go right with a certain top or the pants. Bright lively colors are in. Mix them up as much as you can. images

Floral pants:
Floral printed pants are the love of many girls. They look cool, funky and casual indeed. They go great with plain tops. You can go for light shades of printed pants for slimy legs. However, you must chose darker shades if your legs are on the heavy side.
images (1)
Sober chromes:
Not comfortable enough with lively bright colors? Do not worry. You can put on sober colors while being trendy at the same time. Spikes studded accessories would do the work.

The black and white trend:
Which generation you think did ever let go off the black and white trend? For of course, it looks classy and amazing. In this flowery pattern season, you can gain an edge over all others by going mono chrome with this sporty and bold black and white blend.

Plain Nails vs. Nail Art for Spring 2013

Not all women are fond of painting their nails in different colors on each finger, or having them illustrated with figures and patterns that are made to fit. Some prefer less color, two tones, or even just the plain but shocking.

0917-spring-2013-new-york-fashion-week-nail-trend-angel-sanchez_liGo for the palest nails you can imagine. An opaque shade of the trending  “barely there” polish, perhaps?

silver-makeup-look Metallic frosts are the way to rock this season. Try silver and anything that glitters.

2012-Fall-and-2013-Winter-Nail-Polish-Trends-3 Dark blue nails are the new shade of sin. Red, of course, remains a classic.

Photos-Nail-Trends-Seen-Spring-Summer-2013-New-York-Fashion-Week Get your nails soaked in white and no other tone. This is a tricky style, since you don’t want your nails to look like they’ve been played with a correction pen. Neatly and slowly is always the sure way to go.

halfmoon8 Nevertheless, two-toned polish isn’t bad either. Make sure yours is applied neatly. If not an expert, do get somebody else to paint your nails. Try a beauty salon or have a manicure and pedicure home service instead.

0917-spring-2013-new-york-fashion-week-nail-trend-lauren-moffatt_li Dipped tips are cute to look at. Bright colors suit this style well.

2013-Spring-and-Summer-Nail-Polish-Trends-10 Pink is the ink. It’s just the most feminine shade ever. Yet if you are looking for more subtle shades, do get the shades of flamingo, salmon, or blush.



557 Instead of fire alarming red and worn out violet, why not try something in between like berry colors?

images (13) Black, of course, is plain gothic on the nails but when matched with a good outfit, who can disagree about its stylishness?


Spring/Summer 2013: Hair and Makeup Trends to Follow

Got new ways to fix you hair? Fresh from the Spring 2013 amps, we’re bringing the newest beauty and hair trends to you.

Here’s how hair must be this season:

Knot your hair in a messy do. That’s the coolest way to avoid having hair slapping others through the wind.


Part your hair diagonally for a neat look.


Twist your hair sideways for a ponytail, either on the right or left, whichever suits you best.



Tie ponytails lower this season if you’ve got enough height to rock it. For the shorter girls, better try other styles.


Now, what is beauty if you don’t flatter it? The best way to flaunt what you have is no only through clothes and accessories. You just have to put on some color, and we don’t mean natural flush, on to your face for more style and of course, fashion.

Do you have a beautician? Ask fo the latest looks on the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris. Try not to put on the styles that don’t suit you, because we’re sure you’ll find something that compliments your beauty.

Take a break from all those bloody and wintery hues as Spring has fresh, cool and eye-popping dabs to choose from. Perfect skin is a must with velvety but never cakey finish. Cheekbones are glamorized this season. Emphasize yours, or if they aren’t well-defined, go define them on your own. Beware of overdefining them, though.



For lips, apply the only colors that matter –






neon pink, hot fuchsia, and exotic coral. They bring warmth to French and Italian looks on the Spring/Summer 2013 runways instead of coldness that darker hues exude.


Orange: The Way to Glow In 2013



The Orange Lids


You need to apply a primer first before smoothing eye shadow. From lash line to crease, apply with a flat eye shadow brush. Dab in windshield-wiper motions with a blending brush for a sossy effect.  Use a flesh tone eye shadow to compliment brow bones. For an impeccable  finish, put on some brown eyeliner and mascara.

Want smokey eyes?

Create a gorgeous orange smokey eye with glittering shades of  black, plum, nude and orange. Use an orange tone with a crease brush on the outer side of the lid for great color effects.


The Ponkan Blush


Buy makeup with the flawless golden shimmer. Women with lighter skin tone should use golden orange or golden peach. Apply on apples of cheeks using the fluffy type of brush. Put some flesh tone on cheekbones to further emphasize cheeks. Check if there are any misguided edges in your makeup.


The Yummy Lips


Check which shade suits you.  True orange shades blend beautifully with blondes, caramel and dark-skinned women while red-orange can look great on anyone.

Matte is your perfect bet. Gloss risks smearing or smudging, so better be safe than sorry. However, if you do prefer lip gloss, don’t dab more than one layer. Sheer gloss can do amazing things to the whole face and if you’re loving orange, go for anything peachy or a little rusty.

You may try a stronger shade and dab it on your lower lip then blend. For the most radiant type of orange, consider putting the same shade of liner first then apply color straight from the tube.

Remember, lip liner and lipstick MUST match.


And if you still feel you can carry the trend, double up your doze of confidence. It starts with feeling good about yourself from within.