Bracelet Trends of 2013

Bracelets are the perfect accessories for every woman who love to put on some weight on their wrists. There are different types of bracelets, some charmed and some plain. If you like to wear some wrist candy, it’s alright to be unmindful of the trends for each season. However, it’s always useful to have some knowledge about what kinds of bracelets are in at a certain fashion period, and of course, the items that look good on you.

Cuff bracelets are sought after in 2013. Some versions are quite heavy to wear while others are as light as plastic. Studded, riveted, leather, metallic, braided, beaded, buckled, tribal, and two-toned are some designs for these trendy cuffs.

Chain bracelets lead as one of the top trends for 2013 accessories. Some have pull-away locks, while others are simply with hooks.

Beaded bracelets with the tiniest stones are great for the laid back fashionistas who prefer not to have too much going on in their outfits. These pieces are usually tied up to secure its clinging to the wearer.

Bracelet Stack1 (640x543)
Layered bracelets come in the most attractive colors to spin a new look for colored accessories for the fashion seasons. Choose the ones that fit best for your complexion and personal style.

Statement bangles are designed with elegant figures and gems bound to melt in sight as women will surely love this trend. Bangles may include bauble types or the thinnest ones you can find. Some are also interesting to see when worn in layers with other bracelet types.

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