The Humanitarian in Angelina Jolie

angelinajolieAngelina Jolie is known for her incredible humanitarian efforts over the years. This month, Angelina will win an honorary Oscar for her Humanitarian Work. Announced earlier in September by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, this award is aimed at paying tribute to those who have made deep-rooted contribution in their respective fields. Now 37, Jolie is set to receive this award, formally called the ‘Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award’ at the fifth annual event.

Angelina Jolie’s work with philanthropy is almost as well known as her career as an actress. She has even publicly talked about the idea of giving up acting to focus on her humanitarian work and her family. Her husband, Brad Pitt, stands by her side.

Angelina is a strong, confidence and beautiful woman and one that a lot of young females look up to. Her style is classy, she’s well read and she’s a great mother. Her philanthropic side is not only great for those she’s helping but is a positive impact for her fans.

Jolie just went through a double mastectomy, to prevent the high possibility to breast cancer. This is another one of her efforts to leave an impact on this world. Although her intention was to make sure she was around for her family, Jolie’s choice left many women, worldwide, in awe.

Jolie and Pitt’s most recent donation was E10,000 for the sale of a barrel of white wine, signed, from their estate. The auction was put together as a fundraiser to support agriculture in Africa. The couple’s barrel was by far the top seller, and was bought by a local wine merchant named Vins Breban. The 60-gallon cask holds approximately 300 bottles. This was a meaningful donation to Jolie as the agricultural fund operates in an area that she went to in March with the Foreign Secretary.

Shades Superiors of 2013

Everybody loves the sunlight but when it’s just too much for the eyes, a pair of shades are always useful to protect us from getting impaired vision. Eyewear is definitely a go-go. As a stylish woman, you don’t just wear any shades but the ones that flatter the shape of your face. Don’t forget what’s trendy either, because no matter how an item looks nice on you, sometimes, if they’re outdated, they just won’t do.

Shades are always nicer when tinted. It hides emotions, especially when you feel the need to. Anna Wintour, among other notable people who wear dark sunglasses, prefer to wear them because she prefers to conceal the expression her face gives when it comes to her feelings during fashion shows. Other celebrities who are famous for wearing shades are Kate Moss, Lindsay Lohan and the unforgettable Audrey Hepburn.

Round glasses in all sizes, from the smallest to the largest are great finds in the list of 2013’s accessories trends.

Decorated sunglasses areexciting this year. Choose the most unique!

Florals invade shades as flora sunglasses are up and about.

Bold and baring bright prints and colors makes it to one of the most noted sunglasses trend for the Spring and Summer seasons.

Frames with a bit of craftmanship are chic and elegant.

Cat’s eye is back again!

Shades are colorful too, from different shades of blue to others.

Mirrored glasses are hot this season. Wear them with style.

Oversized geometric shades look very mod. Try them on, and see if they fit your shape.

Fashionable Belts for 2013

Belts exist to sexify the waist. If you don’t have a definite waistline, belts are there to give an illusion of a more shaped up waist. Women with a small waist circumference usually have shapeless body types and they need to wear belted outfits to have a better figure. Some small-waisted women don’t need to because they have the petite hourglass shape. For those with hourglass bodies, it’s even more flattering to don belted fashion.

Belts over coats –this is one of the classiest ways to wear a belt and the runways have always proved it to be true. Neutral and contrast colors are the top choice for this style.

Gold Belts shine through in the 2013 collections. Thick leather or metal has this metallic hue around women’s waists.
Silver belts are featured with great buckles, shapes and other adornments. Modernity is at high and metallic looking more futuristic than ever.

Skinny belts are still in, thanks to some designers who have managed to include them in their range and style them with chic ease. These belts are most trendy in neutral colors such as shades of brown.

Leather lasts long, not only as material for belts, but as a trend in the past and upcoming seasons. Celebrities wear leather as much as everyday fashionistas, making the trend even more high fashion and on demand.

Studded belts in monochromes are best matched with feminine dresses. This is how Miranda Priestley would have upgraded any woman’s boring wardrobe.

Bracelet Trends of 2013

Bracelets are the perfect accessories for every woman who love to put on some weight on their wrists. There are different types of bracelets, some charmed and some plain. If you like to wear some wrist candy, it’s alright to be unmindful of the trends for each season. However, it’s always useful to have some knowledge about what kinds of bracelets are in at a certain fashion period, and of course, the items that look good on you.

Cuff bracelets are sought after in 2013. Some versions are quite heavy to wear while others are as light as plastic. Studded, riveted, leather, metallic, braided, beaded, buckled, tribal, and two-toned are some designs for these trendy cuffs.

Chain bracelets lead as one of the top trends for 2013 accessories. Some have pull-away locks, while others are simply with hooks.

Beaded bracelets with the tiniest stones are great for the laid back fashionistas who prefer not to have too much going on in their outfits. These pieces are usually tied up to secure its clinging to the wearer.

Bracelet Stack1 (640x543)
Layered bracelets come in the most attractive colors to spin a new look for colored accessories for the fashion seasons. Choose the ones that fit best for your complexion and personal style.

Statement bangles are designed with elegant figures and gems bound to melt in sight as women will surely love this trend. Bangles may include bauble types or the thinnest ones you can find. Some are also interesting to see when worn in layers with other bracelet types.

Necklace Trends of 2013

For accessories that spice up your look, there’s always time to consider whether they’re your type or not. But it rarely happens that a fashionista dislikes a trend especially when it’s hard to choose from a certain range. Sometimes, you just got to have it all or stay dreaming to have that gorgeous strand of gems. If you love to wear necklaces, then this article is for you. The trendiest necklaces are in store for the fashion seasons of 2013 and nobody can stop shoppers from having a taste of vogue around their necks.

Backwards necklaces became eye-catchers at the red carpet as celebrities donned this unique trend with such grace and elegance. Some are embellished with perfectly round beads and some studded enough to get anybody’s attention.

Statement necklaces bring more attitude to any outfit whether it is plain or printed. You may wear it big and you may wear it in layers, depending on how you style it.

Fringed Necklaces come in the form of metallic strips and sway stylishly in enormous lengths. Boho trend is rejuvenated into the contemporary and there’s just no way you can ignore this trend.

Heavy Metal Necklaces intensify the modernity of a look in urban fashion. Looks for this trend could either be minimalist or layered with other metallic pieces.

Gypsy Necklaces add fun to any dress or top. The more vibrant or stronger colors, the better-looking you’ll be. Be careful not to look over-the-top with too much hues going on in your outfit.

Luxury For Less


Ever seen those clothes and accessories that look so gorgeous and expensive, but they’re cheap enough for you to buy more than you can imagine?

High quality items are being sold in the market, at actual sheets and online, for affordable prices. It’s attracting worry customers and earning bulks of profit, sometimes reading above quota for income.

However, no matter how much you can afford or how many things you buy at thrift stores, it’s not really not impressive when you’re buying the wrong things. A descriptor of these wrong things could be items that look less than fashionable and almost ridiculous or prices that you like but don’t suit at all. If you have this kind of shopping dilemma, ever if you don’t consider this a problem, we’re come up with free easy tips. We’ll teach you how to shop like a pro, a stylist, a perfect fashion icon like Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung and Emma Watson. It’s not that difficult and it’s reassurance is proven by what you’re about to read about. Be informal of what’s in style and know the classics, but you have to decide beforehand to be trendy or not. Get designs or high end items at stores where great bargains are offered. You need to be updated about sales and openings before hitting the stores. Openings tend to attract by putting on amazing low-cost prices to clutch the item’s conidition. Don’t settle for second best even if they cost much less.

Kitten Heels 2013

If you’re thinking that kitten heels are elegant, you may be right. Designs in silver, gold, and other metallic hues have been popular throughout the years. Others with more contemporary styles are either chunky or very thin-strapped. They also tend to be lighter to carry on the foot, but beware because they slip off easily.
If you are so crazy about kitten heels, wear them with wide led trousers or evening gowns. Only senior citizens are excused to wear them with midis and things that rest at the knee.
Kitten heels may be comfortable but next to skyscraper stilettos, they look unnoticeable. For some women, particularly the middle-aged, it’s the most fashionable thing ever. Somebody in authority should have put kitten heels under the category of septuagenarian style as the lower pairs look so nice and appropriate on them.
Nobody says it’s practical to wear high heels all day, but to actually put on as kitten heels is already an offense not taken directly, yet considered thoroughly by fashionistas who have specific concerns for shoes. What makes kitten heels so wrong to wear is the height of the heel. Yes, it’s easy to sway your hips while walking on them, but is that as high as you can go? There’s never really anything remarkable about low-heeled shoes except for the comfort they offer. Better go for ballet flats or sandals if all you are after is to feel cozy throughout the day.

Trends for Earrings 2013

Nothing makes a face look more alluring than geat-looking earrings that are very up-to-date. This 2013, feather earrings are out,  and so are extremely large hoops. What’s in style? Check this out.


Chandelier earrings are all-the-rage in 2013. Has it ever disappeared? Not at all, since these elegant pairs are usually donned by celebrities on and off the red carpet.




Hoops are always hip and cool, as long as they’e the right size not only for the season, but for the shape of you face as well.



Studs, be it diamonds, other stones or plastic designs, made it to this year’s most favored earcandy. If you want to follow this trend, look for pairs that are small, filling just enough room at you ears.

Plain Nails vs. Nail Art for Spring 2013

Not all women are fond of painting their nails in different colors on each finger, or having them illustrated with figures and patterns that are made to fit. Some prefer less color, two tones, or even just the plain but shocking.

0917-spring-2013-new-york-fashion-week-nail-trend-angel-sanchez_liGo for the palest nails you can imagine. An opaque shade of the trending  “barely there” polish, perhaps?

silver-makeup-look Metallic frosts are the way to rock this season. Try silver and anything that glitters.

2012-Fall-and-2013-Winter-Nail-Polish-Trends-3 Dark blue nails are the new shade of sin. Red, of course, remains a classic.

Photos-Nail-Trends-Seen-Spring-Summer-2013-New-York-Fashion-Week Get your nails soaked in white and no other tone. This is a tricky style, since you don’t want your nails to look like they’ve been played with a correction pen. Neatly and slowly is always the sure way to go.

halfmoon8 Nevertheless, two-toned polish isn’t bad either. Make sure yours is applied neatly. If not an expert, do get somebody else to paint your nails. Try a beauty salon or have a manicure and pedicure home service instead.

0917-spring-2013-new-york-fashion-week-nail-trend-lauren-moffatt_li Dipped tips are cute to look at. Bright colors suit this style well.

2013-Spring-and-Summer-Nail-Polish-Trends-10 Pink is the ink. It’s just the most feminine shade ever. Yet if you are looking for more subtle shades, do get the shades of flamingo, salmon, or blush.



557 Instead of fire alarming red and worn out violet, why not try something in between like berry colors?

images (13) Black, of course, is plain gothic on the nails but when matched with a good outfit, who can disagree about its stylishness?


Victoria Beckham’s Exclusive Dresses Hits Her New Site

Victoria Beckham launches minimalist frocks from her personal style aesthetic and choice that scream with the brightest shades for Spring. Better news than her attempt to set a trend including comfortable knickers. No matter how pretty the lace on a pair knickers, it’s a piece that best stays beneath your clothes and not on the pages of glossy mags , billboards or a true fashionista wardrobe.


elle-victoria-beckham-icon-collection-2-de elle-victoria-beckham-icon-collection-1-de elle-victoria-beckham-icon-collection-de elle-victoria-beckham-icon-collection-4-de


The famous celeb designer launches her own e-commerce website  and personally sees to it that everything goes perfectly as planned. She explains, “There’s a cool, edgy rawness to it — and that’s very much how I wanted it to look. With regards to the imagery, I haven’t done anything too complicated. I’ve kept it real. It’s very relatable. I didn’t want the images to be super glossy and retouched — I find that quite an old-fashioned approach. It’s very honest. That’s why people respond to the brand in the way that they do.”

If we take a closer look at the collection, it’s easy to notice that the cuts and colors are what Posh would wear herself. The site is bound to sell her top line, the Victoria Victoria Beckham diffusion brand, and of course the talk-of-the-town VB Icon collection which is re-launched fromt he past runway ranges in uber-bright colors.

Divided into two sections such as “Look” and “Shop”, the site not only presents clothes but facts as to what has been going on in the business. victoia beckham certainly knows what she is doing and she talks further about the site. “My new website has been in the making for a very long time. It was so important that the concept, tone and look of it were true to me and my aesthetic and that the shopping experience was the very best that it could be for my customer. The site will be ever evolving featuring never seen before insights into my world through the medium of film. I’m incredibly excited with what I have created and the unique access to the brand I am now able to offer.”