Attain Beautiful Skin Naturally at Home

Ladies! Here comes a home remedy that will help maintain your facial beauty at the comfort of your home.

Women generally tend to be much conscious about their skin condition. And why should not they? Skin, being the most superficial aspect of our body, needs to be perfectly glowing and spotless for it adds a charm to one’s persona.

We all agree to the fact that natural remedies are better than the chemical containing cosmetics. When following natural methods, you shall experience great benefits and almost nil side effects. Moreover, they are cheaper and more convenient.

In this blog post, we shall talk about the role of gram flour in combating mild dermatological issues.



Oily skin acts as a fertile soil that grows pimples easily. Dirt and dust particles find no difficulty in sticking onto an oily skin and clog the pores. Gram flour serves as an effective ingredient in absorbing the excess oil from skin, hence aids in the prevention of pimples. Add few drops of rose water to this gram flour paste for more enhanced effects. Rose water will help your skin attain an even tone.

This multi tasking ingredient is equally effective in warding off dryness from skin. Mix some milk, turmeric powder and honey into gram flour paste and apply the mask onto your face. Let it remain for 15 minutes and once dried, rinse it off. The addition of turmeric powder brings in anti-inflammatory quality to the paste, which is good for killing the P.acnes bacteria.


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