What Do Women Want?



What do women want? This question arises from the tongue of each and every man, sometimes even a woman herself. And the answer is actually simple. A woman wants what every normal human being would. In fact what a woman wants is entirely understandable, it is just a few behavioral differences that does not let this very ‘understanding’ take its place.

In this week’s blog post, lets discuss about what a woman requires from her close and dear ones, such as her family, her partner, her friends and the rest of her social circle.


The first and the foremost thing that I may say any human being would require is ‘Respect’. Without this element, one cannot expect any relationship to continue for long. A healthy relation contains this element of respect in it. Respect in privacy as well as respect in the public.


“So what is the big deal? It is your duty, isn’t it?” No matter how small on a scale any work measures, no one would like to hear these words. For a woman, who works dedicatedly for her family, and if her very dear ones start uttering these words, no doubt, it shall sound really painful to her. Instead of this, an act or simply few words of appreciation would make her feel elated.


A woman can clearly judge whether her dear one is telling the truth, or merely lying. Take the example of the relation between a mother and her child. Everyone would prefer hearing the truth, no matter how bitter and hurtful it is, instead of dwelling in a fantasy world made up of lies.

Tips for a Healthy Relationship


Girls! You realize quite well that staying in a relationship is not really easy. You see your grandparents still together, caring for each other’s need, even if they don’t remember their own. And you may wonder why? Well, it is all due to small acts like sharing, compromises and sacrifices that build up a long and strong relation between two people.

When we hear the words such as ‘compromise’ and ‘sacrifice’, we begin to assume that a relationship means one of the partners ought to take over the hold of these two things. Well, in reality, it is never this way. In fact, both this entities need to be shown up from both the sides.

Whenever a time comes in and you feel that things are falling apart, consider the following few tips that can help you greatly to drive out of the situation and save your relation, as well as maintain it for long.

Speak to Each Other:

One major mistake we make is that, we do not consider communication as an important factor. No matter how much your partner is angry at you, he would always want to hear your side of story.


Do not speak when extremely angry. Or else, you would end up regretting.

Live in a world of reality:

Your life is not a fairy tale, which would always possess a ‘happy ending’ no matter how much difficult a situation is. You live in a real world, where if you have to attain something, you should work hard for it, keeping aside your ego and your extra demands.

Admit your mistake:

Admitting mistakes never makes anyone degraded, even in the mind of those to whom you have done wrong. In fact, it adds to your respect, and your partner would love to see you working hard to maintain your relationship.

Dress Your Way to Look Thinner



Dressing style is the topic favorite to the female gender, yet they find it really complex and at times, extremely confusing.

There are ample of ways a women can dress to make herself look elegant, classy, trendy, funky, formal, taller, or maybe thinner?

Yes, in this week’s blog post, we shall discuss  about various kinds of dressing styles and clothes, that can magically make you appear slimmer.

No matter if you are already lean, but the way you dress highly affects the way your body looks.

Just some handy useful tricks, and everyone will appreciate your smart looking physique.

Firstly, if you are broad in figure, avoid wearing clothes printed with horizontal stripes. They add even more to your broadness and you may appear husky. Instead, go for vertical stripes. They add more to the vertical aspect of your body and hence, you may look taller and leaner.

Moreover, if you weight too much, avoid wearing revealing dresses. You would not want your body to appear as bulges. Instead, your dress must be loose at places where your body is heavy. Such as if your thighs are at the heavier side, try wearing jeans that do not fit too tightly at the place.

Color tricks also works most of the times. For example, wearing darker colored jeans or pants over heavy legs can hide away several pounds.

As already stated, avoid wearing tight clothes. But loose baggy outfits won’t make you look slimmer either. The trick is that, loosen up your dress at places where your body bulges out, but put your dress into shape where it fits onto the comparatively slimmer parts of your body.


Keep Your Mind under Control

Ladies! Here is something new at Femmina Style, and believe me, it has a lot to do with enhancing your beauty and personality. Keeping your mind under your control adds charms to your persona, and keeps the stress signs away from you.


Your mind is all your possession. It should not be driven mad by what others do to you. The women gender is particularly known to get highly emo at what wrong others say or do to them. Although it is not easy to make your brain learn to keep calm at uneasy times, but tips and tricks can make it work. Meditation is the best of all tricks. Keeping all quite and calm for twenty minutes daily in the morning and listening to what your mind wants to say is an effective therapy indeed.


Think about the consequences

When your mind goes out of control and all you want is to smash other person’s face, just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think about consequences. Once you succeed in doing this, you won’t have to work quite hard the next time.


Protect your mind from stress

Saving your brain from going into the dungeons of stress is a big step towards attaining self satisfaction.

Stress usually develops due to over thinking. All you need to do is that when you are overwhelmed, just sit back and relax. Your mind needs to come into some proper form before it is capable of thinking again.

Thinking about what has already passed and what has yet to come also adds greatly to stress. Women particularly tend to do this thing daily. Hence, try to brighten up your ‘today’, since your future is all dependent upon your present.

People who take a lot of stress are seen to develop signs of aging earlier on their skin.


Create optimism around yourselves

You are no prisoner or a criminal who has to stay in the dungeons of negativity. Wipe off all the pessimism around you and enter into the heavens of positive thinking.





Charge your Life- Add a Pinch of Happiness to it

being happy


Being happy is not easy, everyone who has tasted the jest of real life knows it well. But they also realize that a pinch of happiness in life is nearly as important as food.

It is not necessary to be happy and cheerful 24/7.

By the word happiness, we do not mean that you dance and sing around or you shovel up flakes in the air. But by happiness, we mean ‘Self satisfaction’.

This we think is the only “true happiness” one can get in this stress aggravating era. With busy days, and a bunch of people around you who think you are just one that they can criticize and at times, burden you with their worldly problems, you need to put your mind and heart into a room of self satisfaction.

Celebrate your success

You do not have to throw a huge bash or invite a large number of people to celebrate anything which you are excited about. A small celebration with your family, your partner, or your closest friend does miracles.

Bake a cake, cook a turkey, and celebrate it at your home, making your selves satisfied at what you achieved.

Be happy with your own sources

What other people posses is none of your business. They too don’t have what you have got. Believe me, if you are satisfied with your own resources, no amount of wealth in this world can make you feel better. If you want to achieve something, you must try harder and contain patience.

Consider your present

Your past is gone and your future is yet to come. Worrying about any of these two won’t do any good or bring any change. Ponder over your present. If your present is good, it would automatically lighten up your future as well.