Tips on Dressing for Prom

Whether you’re looking for high-street, cheap prom dresses or designer evening gowns, dressing for your school prom is part fun, part stressful. Everyone wants look their best on the big night, and if possible, even better than their friends! With that in mind, here’s a look at tips for dressing for prom:

prom dresses

Scrap satins

Metallic or Satin material tend to be those that girls will first think of for a big event like prom, but it really doesn’t flatter every body shape. Satin, in particular stretch satin, makes you look fuller by reflecting the light. It’s also notorious for VPL (visible pant lines) and unsightly bumps and bulges. If you are a curvier girl, try a structured or fitted dress in a fabric that’s not reflective instead.

Hold back on the sequins

Sequins were made for special occasions weren’t they! If you do sequins well, you really can’t beat a bit of sparkle. Be careful not to overdo it though, too much bling can look cheap and nasty. Choose a dress with a little embellishment that is well placed to draw attention to your best features.

Show off your legs

Prom age girls usually fall in two camps – get it all out or hide it all away. It’s natural to feel self-conscious as a young adult, but don’t let that put you off getting a bit of skin out. A bit of skin doesn’t have to involve a plunging neckline, show off your legs instead. Many prom dresses opt for a full knee-length skirt, which is ideal.

Work with your skin colours

For maximum compliments, pick a prom dress that really suits your skin tone. The best way to find out which colours suit you is to look through red carpet pictures and take inspiration from a celebrity with a similar skin tone to you. If you have a warm or dark complexion, in general coral, peach and earthy tones are great. Whilst those with a pale skin colours can work pastel colours wonderfully.

Don’t forget accessories

Add personality to your prom outfit with complimenting accessories. You might only wear your prom dress once, but with jewellery, shoes and a clutch you can spend a little more because they’re items you can get a lot of wear out of! A great pair of heels and a statement necklace can really make an outfit. Whilst hair accessories and a great manicure can add a pop of colour or give a playful twist to your formal evening look.

Be wary of nudes

No this doesn’t mean ‘watch out for prom streakers’ but rather be careful of nude hues in your prom outfit. Nudes tend to show off every curve, and not always in a flattering way. If you do fall in love with a nude prom dress, again make sure it’s in a matte finish.

Clare Basker is a fashion and beauty blogger from the UK. When she’s not blogging, you can find Clare browsing everything from cheap prom dresses to onesies – shopping is her passion. 

Spring-summer jewellery trends to suit all ages

summer trendsContrary to what you might believe, most trends don’t come with an age limit.

When it comes to accessories and jewellery, most looks can be adapted to suit your personal style and budget, meaning there’s no reason not to embrace some of this season’s hottest looks.

Whether you’re 18 or 80, here are some top jewellery trends to take a look at for spring-summer 2013.


It’s difficult not to notice the abundance of dark shades around, which is certainly a stark change from the usual preoccupation spring has with pastels.

In order to get the perfect mix of light and dark, monochrome is a great shade to get a grip with and extremely versatile too. This could mean wearing your favourite little black dress and then accessorising with pearl earrings or a set of white enamel bangles.

You could confine monochrome to your accessories and allow your clothing to be as colourful as you like, safe in the knowledge that your bold jewellery will help you stand out from the crowd.

Monochrome dresses were an instant hit on the red carpet earlier this year as celebrities dressed up for award’s season, and after witnessing so much black and white inspiration it’s no wonder everyone is still enjoying this statement look.

This is an easy trend to try, but it promises to make an impact and remain timeless as the years go by.


Spring is synonymous with flowers and floral colours. To make the most of this fabulously feminine theme you ould could use flower icons in your jewellery, perhaps on a pair of gorgeous gold earrings featuring gemstones in the centre, or as a pretty pendant on a delicate gold or silver chain.

By using the floral shape you can then coordinate your jewellery with flower prints, using some of spring’s top blooms such as oriental orchids and cherry blossoms or traditional English roses and daisies.

Alternatively, stick to a relatively minimalist, clean cut clothing style and use intense floral hues within your accessories and makeup.

Swinging 60s

Whether you enjoyed the 60s first hand or not, you simply can’t escape from this decade’s influence over style aesthetics this season.

The catwalks for spring-summer 2013 were filled with beehive hairstyles and graphic prints, as well as plenty of circular and chunky jewellery styles. Plus with the sixth series of Mad Men currently underway, everyone fancies themselves as either Betty Draper or Joan Holloway.

A large pair of circular stud earrings is a great way to dress up your look and draw attention to a bouffant hairdo, and for a classic look pearl necklaces are a must, especially if you have a high-necked shift dress to wear them with.

Festival folk

You don’t have to be a teenager to enjoy festival fashion. Forget muddy tents and crowded fields, instead let’s focus on the creativity which festivals draw out.

Anything goes at these events, meaning you can contrast as many beaded necklaces as you like, cover your arms in bangles and practice your plaits, all without the worry of being judged by your fellow festivalgoers. Back in the real world you might not want to wear face paint, but the freedom to choose large chunky jewellery using an array of colours, precious stones and wood is still there.

Pick out a maxi skirt and simple cream blouse and see what fun you can have experimenting and layering your jewellery.

Spring nail trends

nail diamondsWhen it comes to nail art, there are a lot of trends going around at the moment, from nude nails to platinum streaks, there’s a lot of colors and styles you can experiment with.

This season we have seen contrasting nail styles on the catwalk. There have been delicate designs like swan white polishes, nude nails and shiny nails which have all been put against dark outfits.

One nail art design which is probably the most striking and breathtaking of all is the “dripping blood” effect by Nepalese American fashion designer, Prabal Gurung. Flaunting fabulous nails is also a great way to show off your 77 Diamonds rings, a new bracelet or your wonderfully soft hands after a manicure. So if you’re looking for some nail art inspiration, below are just a few ideas for you to experiment with.

Nude nails

Neutral or cream colored nails are really popular this Spring. When topped with a clear polish and buffed nicely they’ll shine beautifully, giving an almost ‘wet look’ to your nails. It is a a minimalist trend which has become increasingly popular over the past year, so much so that it has been seen as the demure look at prestigious fashion shows.We saw Marc Jacobs models flaunt pure white nails at Rag & Bone, while Chanel sported simple French manicures. It seems that toning down your nails is the new trend with these designers.

Dark nails

If nude nails aren’t your style then you’ll be pleased to hear that some designers have taken to a more dark and romantic style of nail art. Jason Wu featured navy and grey shades of nails, while dark purple was used by Marchesa to give a ‘dark angel’ look.

Luxury metallic nails

Gold, silver and copper nails are glam and glitzy and give an almost galactic look. We’ve seen sleek platinum racing streak designs from Monika Chiang which we love.