Plain Nails vs. Nail Art for Spring 2013

Not all women are fond of painting their nails in different colors on each finger, or having them illustrated with figures and patterns that are made to fit. Some prefer less color, two tones, or even just the plain but shocking.

0917-spring-2013-new-york-fashion-week-nail-trend-angel-sanchez_liGo for the palest nails you can imagine. An opaque shade of the trending  “barely there” polish, perhaps?

silver-makeup-look Metallic frosts are the way to rock this season. Try silver and anything that glitters.

2012-Fall-and-2013-Winter-Nail-Polish-Trends-3 Dark blue nails are the new shade of sin. Red, of course, remains a classic.

Photos-Nail-Trends-Seen-Spring-Summer-2013-New-York-Fashion-Week Get your nails soaked in white and no other tone. This is a tricky style, since you don’t want your nails to look like they’ve been played with a correction pen. Neatly and slowly is always the sure way to go.

halfmoon8 Nevertheless, two-toned polish isn’t bad either. Make sure yours is applied neatly. If not an expert, do get somebody else to paint your nails. Try a beauty salon or have a manicure and pedicure home service instead.

0917-spring-2013-new-york-fashion-week-nail-trend-lauren-moffatt_li Dipped tips are cute to look at. Bright colors suit this style well.

2013-Spring-and-Summer-Nail-Polish-Trends-10 Pink is the ink. It’s just the most feminine shade ever. Yet if you are looking for more subtle shades, do get the shades of flamingo, salmon, or blush.



557 Instead of fire alarming red and worn out violet, why not try something in between like berry colors?

images (13) Black, of course, is plain gothic on the nails but when matched with a good outfit, who can disagree about its stylishness?


Victoria Beckham’s Exclusive Dresses Hits Her New Site

Victoria Beckham launches minimalist frocks from her personal style aesthetic and choice that scream with the brightest shades for Spring. Better news than her attempt to set a trend including comfortable knickers. No matter how pretty the lace on a pair knickers, it’s a piece that best stays beneath your clothes and not on the pages of glossy mags , billboards or a true fashionista wardrobe.


elle-victoria-beckham-icon-collection-2-de elle-victoria-beckham-icon-collection-1-de elle-victoria-beckham-icon-collection-de elle-victoria-beckham-icon-collection-4-de


The famous celeb designer launches her own e-commerce website  and personally sees to it that everything goes perfectly as planned. She explains, “There’s a cool, edgy rawness to it — and that’s very much how I wanted it to look. With regards to the imagery, I haven’t done anything too complicated. I’ve kept it real. It’s very relatable. I didn’t want the images to be super glossy and retouched — I find that quite an old-fashioned approach. It’s very honest. That’s why people respond to the brand in the way that they do.”

If we take a closer look at the collection, it’s easy to notice that the cuts and colors are what Posh would wear herself. The site is bound to sell her top line, the Victoria Victoria Beckham diffusion brand, and of course the talk-of-the-town VB Icon collection which is re-launched fromt he past runway ranges in uber-bright colors.

Divided into two sections such as “Look” and “Shop”, the site not only presents clothes but facts as to what has been going on in the business. victoia beckham certainly knows what she is doing and she talks further about the site. “My new website has been in the making for a very long time. It was so important that the concept, tone and look of it were true to me and my aesthetic and that the shopping experience was the very best that it could be for my customer. The site will be ever evolving featuring never seen before insights into my world through the medium of film. I’m incredibly excited with what I have created and the unique access to the brand I am now able to offer.”

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Cuts

While hemlines rise, hairstyles also get a revolution as celebs especially from Hollywood go for the shorter cut and they’re working it very well. Styled in different but fabulous ways, the trendy pixie cut is such a smart choice for women this year. not only is it chic and convenient, it looks good on almost every woman as well.



Anne Hathaway had her lovely long brunette locks chopped off into a fashionable short cut which is easier to style and fix at any moment and for any outfit.


emma so cute Emma Watson seems to be doing a Julie Andrews with her new pixie look. The Harry Potter star is obviously all grownup and her fashion sense has evolved beautifully too.


celebrity-pixie-hairstyles-2013-celebrity-inspired-style-hair Evan Rachel Wood looks sweet and modest in her haircut, especially with a plain black headband. Still a little hint of goth in he garb but very classy.



Hayden Panettiere also tries the pixie look and gets a magical transformation. The I Love You Beth Cooper hottie who plays the gorgeous Beth cooper herself once rocked lengthy golden locks, opting for either straight locks or waves.



Katie Holmes is loving her pixie cut which suits her developing taste in fashion.



Michelle Williams, one of the first fashionistas to set the pixie trend, is enjoying the best of it, matching her breath-taking attires with the famous hairstyle.

Pixie hair emphasizes the face, making every lady’s beauty glow even brighter. You can go without earrings or even makeup. Just make sure you skin doesn’t looked stressed. But do put on some concealer, if it’s your last hope.

Spring 2013: Peek-A-Boo At The Peak of Fashion


_MG_0324.450x675 marchesa-ss13-new-york-1073-266175404_large_flex  sept10MFWDay2_8_lg3MK


Spring 2013 brings you the best peek-a-boo fashion to don everywhere you go  and to any occasion. From date nights to cocktails, this style will never make you look out-of-place.

Finding something to wear to a hot date is not a problem. Just keep having l”less is more” in mind. Don’t show too much skin and you’re in. Cutouts in dresses ultimately have the same effect of sexiness as in cut-away swimwear o lingerie. Midriffs get shown off in stylish separates. Splits slash in daring directions. Sheer teases at its best in all pieces.

How much do you want to reveal? For the chest, you have endless options of opaque overlay styles or creative cutouts slashed or carefully cut in varying or repetitive patterns. Splits that don’t spread too far apart are always good for the legs or just one leg to have more mystery. To have a little view of your back, sheers or cutaways are also great to try, especially when cut uniquely. Waist peek-a-boos may be place in front or at the sides, but this is a body part to be highly considered for some women.

Minding modesty too much? Don’t fret as this trend lets every body type and shape choose what to show o emphasize, making everyone sexy and happy with how they look.

Have you heard how French women like to tease and they succeed in getting men hooked solely to them just by continuously having an air of mystery? Think no more for Spring teaches you how to be sexy without giving it all away.




Fashion Confession: I’m Gray, Queen of the Closet

What excites us about this gray trend is how it has become the ultimate wardrobe warmer this Spring. Not only is it softer than white, subtler than black. Haven’t you noticed that gray is such a classic tint that even in the ancient times, women always look so futuristic with it?

Whether ancient or futuristic, gray has this unexplained power to make women walk with a much straighter back and an unidentifiable fierceness. Take it from Kimberly Ovitz where one girl is dressed in a dead-on shimmer of gray, ready to party and walk high. Ohne Titel  goes sporty in a short one-piece tracksuit with vertical orange stripes, a great contrast to its pale gray background. Prabal Gurung hustles with ruffles in high waistlines and sheer fabrics. For romantic notions, Naeem Khan, eyelet rose prints are a hit at Naeem Khan.

elle-kimberly-ovitz-spring-2013-rtw-25-de-lgn29-elle-ohne-titel-spring-2013-rtw-009-de-lgn 24-elle-prabal-gurung-spring-2013-rtw-031-uKNh8A-de-lgn 22-elle-naeem-khan-spring-2013-rtw-01-de-lgn

Jenny Packham sends her girls in lighter shades of gray, each look not missing any dab of metallics.

15-elle-jenny-packham-spring-2013-rtw-06-de-lgn 14-elle-jenny-packham-spring-2013-rtw-03-de-lgn 13-elle-jenny-packham-spring-2013-rtw-01-de-lgn

Hermes opts for a clean slate, remaining true to the minimalist look. Christopher Kane highlights what gray can do to a halter dress- gives it power. Clerical fashion is always in at Christian Dior, having a darker shade of ash on a double-breasted peplum suit. Florals appliques on a button down top matched with white is Chanel’s perk for the season.


13-elle-hermes-spring-2013-rtw-09-de-lgn 12-elle-christopher-kane-spring-2013-rtw-019-de-lgn 09-elle-christian-dior-spring-2013-rtw-016-de-lgn 06-elle-chanel-spring-2013-rtw-044-de-lgn

Acne goes light on stripes.  Vivienne Westwood twists up a suit, puts nervy stripes on the garb and twists the longer hemline with a leg peek. Corporate and streetstyle becomes a successful attempt at Loewe. And finally, for some graphic art, Oscar de la enta brings the metropolis into the runways on a partly see-through getup, embellished with glitz that reminds one of technology and modernized cities around the world.

02-elle-acne-spring-2013-rtw-27-de-lgn 37-elle-vivienne-westwood-spring-2013-rtw-40-de-lgn 01-elle-loewe-spring-2013-rtw-28-de-lgn16-elle-oscar-de-la-renta-spring-2013-rtw-42-de-lgn


Everyday Hairstyles for Everyday Girls


We see hair stylists spend time in their job with a lot of rituals and materials and whatever there is to keep hair the way they’re supposed to look. The effort is obvious, especially when it really takes more than half an hour to get everything done. What about you? Do you have time to style up?

Real girls, as we call ourselves are usually too busy to have a salon appointment or even stress on how to wear anything. The thing is, we shouldn’t stress over anything at all when it comes to being beautiful. It’s the hair team’s task because if you don’t know how to lead these strands, you’d better just sit pretty and relax. In the name of beauty, you need to save at least one or half a day to get your hair done. You’ll be glad you did one day.

How to wear hair for everyday events:

Business meeting. Wear a neat updo. It’s better to look poised and professional. Can’t do a chignon? Do a ponytail instead, but make sure your strands don’t scrag or stray, or it’ll end up looking like broom.

images (1)

Date Night. Wear your hair down. It’s time to let the beauty of your locks flow. Wash it clean and nice, and apply some hair treatment for a prettier finish.


Girls’ Night Out. It’s a great time to let your hair go free as well. Whether you’re rocking a rebond, curls or slight waves, there’s nothing like gorgeous free-flowing hair that parties with you all along.

ashley-greene-casual-long-straight-hairstylePremiere of Summit Entertainment's "Sorority Row" - Arrivalshairstyles-expert-tips-0509-11-md

Day Date. Braid your hair for a laid back look. Do it on the side, at the back, or on top of your head. Let your friend or sister do it if you can’t. In braids, you wouldn’t look too cool nor too fashionable. A healthy dose of chic is exactly what you need either on a sunny or gloomy day.

braid_hairstyle_3917th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - ArrivalsBlake-lively

Spring/Summer 2013: Hair and Makeup Trends to Follow

Got new ways to fix you hair? Fresh from the Spring 2013 amps, we’re bringing the newest beauty and hair trends to you.

Here’s how hair must be this season:

Knot your hair in a messy do. That’s the coolest way to avoid having hair slapping others through the wind.


Part your hair diagonally for a neat look.


Twist your hair sideways for a ponytail, either on the right or left, whichever suits you best.



Tie ponytails lower this season if you’ve got enough height to rock it. For the shorter girls, better try other styles.


Now, what is beauty if you don’t flatter it? The best way to flaunt what you have is no only through clothes and accessories. You just have to put on some color, and we don’t mean natural flush, on to your face for more style and of course, fashion.

Do you have a beautician? Ask fo the latest looks on the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris. Try not to put on the styles that don’t suit you, because we’re sure you’ll find something that compliments your beauty.

Take a break from all those bloody and wintery hues as Spring has fresh, cool and eye-popping dabs to choose from. Perfect skin is a must with velvety but never cakey finish. Cheekbones are glamorized this season. Emphasize yours, or if they aren’t well-defined, go define them on your own. Beware of overdefining them, though.



For lips, apply the only colors that matter –






neon pink, hot fuchsia, and exotic coral. They bring warmth to French and Italian looks on the Spring/Summer 2013 runways instead of coldness that darker hues exude.


Paris Fashion Week: Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 Collection by Marc Jacobs


Who doesn’t love fashion week? For the most dramatic shows we’ve been waiting for, Paris closes with one of the the chicest, sexiest and most surprising collections of the season.. A band of luxury travel, Louis Vuitton brings more sexy into Spring/Summer 2013 with the mix of glamour, geometry and minimalism.

Clean contours and contemporary graphics dominated the collection, making viewers ask w-t-h happened to the LV monogram?

No worries because Marc Jacobs has another great idea by sending models into the runway dressed in checkered, gridded, and flowered outfits. Right along with this recurrence of 60s mod, black and white comes into play on a fresher note. The brightest color of them all was yellow with a touch of acid, but brighter, livelier and edgier, especially in checks.

Now the well sought-after designer throws checkerboard fashion into the catwalk while back in New York fashion week, his label showed more of stripes. Sequins glimmer in a liquid effect. The silhouettes showed no complications as they included full-length, mid-length an short dresses and pencil skirts. Coats and boxy jackets represented the cover-up section, some having elbow-length sleeves. To add more attitude to the range, cropped tops tease to reveal the midriff. Classy and stylish jumpsuits aren’t going to be missed as well.

As declared in almost all trend reports, kitten heels are back and Louis Vuitton is among other fashion houses that confirm the fact, this time, with point-toe style. For other accessories, Marc Jacobs had the girls carry clutches and small yellow purses with not so lengthy straps. In conclusion, the collection was a success and so was the presentation. All thanks to Marc Jacobs whose artistry is not only shown in the clothes he makes, but in his presentations as well.


Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013: Trends As Friends


The fashion scoop on this year’s Parisian ramps:
Supersurfaced Florals


Don’t bother to ask if florals would ever leave Spring because it’s the strongest symbol of the season. This year, flower patterns are bolder and more modern. Designers make florals bloom in appliques and bright and rich colors.
Cropped Cover-ups

cop  Balmain-spring-2013-jackets_black-and-white

Prepare to bare you midriffs. Karl Lagerfeld and Roland Mouret made upper outerwear to a crop. While Chanel tweed jackets were only shortened to some extent, Mouret’s motor-inspired jacket was intensely cut to a copped top.
Tomboy Shorts


Hemlines for shorts have added some inches down revealing boisterous silhouettes. This style, as compared to flesh-flashing hotpants, miniskirts and thigh high slits, attempt a more modest trend in fashion and clearly looks more laid back. If you’re going for comfort apparel, don a pair of this trendy long shorts in denim, tailored and printed versions.
Ruffle Huffle


Nothing bursts with drama like ruffles on the runway. Louder than fringe, ruffles manage to out-do lace in terms of sexiness. Who needs that subtle flirting lace when you can tease and please with free-spirit ruffles all season long?
Double-breasted Styles

Paris Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2013

Powerdressing is among its best in outerwear and pantsuits. Double-breasted tailoring refines corporate clothes as inspired by the 80s and tuxwear.
Denim Class

No one in the right mind would want to make denim go away, even if he or she is in a position to do so as this hot trend proves to have a permanent spot in any rack, shelf o closet. Denim is everywhere from dresses to maxi skirts to suits to embellishments, making it clear that it goes beyond the jeans department.
Blue Bludgeons


Be pleased to see blue in as many shades as possible. Some blues look paler and more cozy, while others include darker shades and well-defined shoulders.
Sheer Stratums


Wear sheer in layers as seen at Stella McCartney. It’s the best way to flirt without a word this season.
Colorblock Revivals

Christian Dior: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring / Summer 2013

Before you say it isn’t new, take a good look at suits of leather and bold colors. Nothing ever bounces at our eyes like great colorblocking in bigger clothes.



Plastic Fantastic


We love sheer fabrics, especially the sexy teasing ones this season and during the last. What’s even more fashion forward today is transparent plastic. All tried on dresses, shoes and bags, this Spring/Summer 2013 trend is bound to steal your hearts away.

For coverups, plastic jackets turns rock n’ roll into chic. Trenchcoats at Burberry are upgraded in modern ready-to-ramp plastic looks, making it an instant shield against rain. Cropped blazers are so posh that you can’t bear not to have one in your closet. If fur wraps ruled winter, now plastic is on top this summer.

Bags shine in lots of  see-through colors from neons to brights and neutrals. You just won’t get enough of them. Being a big trend for the season, it’s something you can hardly throw away. If you already have one, go flaunt it and make sure the contents of your translucent purse are neatly organized.

Opaque edges, heels and straps, these are total must-have details on your footwear. Next time you go shoe shopping, don’t forget to list this down. Not only is it trendy but contemporary as well. Imagine what you’ll be missing if you ignore such a fashion staple.

What else? Plastic necklaces, plastic pendants, plastic bangles, plastic headbands, plastic hats. Whether they would still be stylish next year, only the designers are in the right position to decide. The important things are always the ones heating up now. And since plastic, we sure do hope it doesn’t melt so soon in this fast-paced soon-to-get-bored industry.