Why Every Woman Should Wear Braids

All kinds of braids are gorgeous for 2013 but the trendiest are ones seen on spring and fall runways. If you’ve got enough lengthy locks to get these braids goin, then it’s an opportune moment to have a new hairstyle. Check out these lovely looks we have just for you.

We love this dutch lace braid which is primped at the back on one side, making it  total creative do. It’s also one of the key factors that made  Alexandre Herchovitch’s show interesting.


At Jen Kao, braids are placed diagonally for a modern twist. The two pigtails don’t have to be even to make it work. Just make sure you pin them well and flat to the back of your head.


Who loves headbands? Maybe they’re not in for the season but braids worn like headbands are. Get this preppy and chic look at Alice + Olivia by creating two low pigtails and twist them all over your head. To have the airy effect, just stretch out the braid and remember to pin them nicely.


If you can’t speak French, you’d learn to french-braid faster. Do it from nape to crown.Ever heard of a sideways quiff? Back comb hair and give it a twist.


Don’t you think fishtails are romantic? Try this laid-back but classy look . Although it’s a messy ‘do, we love it because women can shift from cowgirl to girl-next-door with it.


Now if you want to experiment with other styles, go ahead. Just keep your hair fresh, clean, soft and manageable at all times.




Anne Hathaway: Femmina Style Icon for February 2013

From Princess Diaries to the Devil Wears Prada to Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway’s personal style has evolved from romantically chic to edgy, statement-making, and a little dramatic.

As a newly awarded Best Supporting actress, it’s even more exciting to be recognized as one of the hottest fashion icons this year. She’s been one of the most well-dressed women in Hollywood and has been in the most haute and chic movies as well.

Let’s zoom back into her early Tinseltown days and see how a true fashionista she is. .

Back then Anne Hathaway rocked longer locks. Whether she covers up or flaunts her assets, the iconic style remains polished, and stylish.

In The Devil Wears Prada where she stars opposite the equally classy and fabulous Meryl Streep, Anne’s outfits are to-die-for. anne




What we’ve noticed in real life , however, is the way she shifts from blacks to whites to creams to nudes to reds and back to black again. Metallics seem to be her favorite too. She did try some blues, yellows, and other brights but her neutral looks are the most unforgettable ones.

Behold the Then and Now of Anne Hathaway’s Fashion History

In Black and Gold Then…

anne hathaway

In Black and Gold Now…


In LBD Then…

 anne hathaway

In LBD Now…


In White Then…

 anne hathaway

In White Now…


In Maxi Black Then…


In Maxi Black Now…


In Dusty Metallic Creams Then…


In Dusty Metallic Creams Now…


Although very much compared to Audrey Hepburn,

the successful film star admits to seeing Kate Middleton

as her idol when in comes to dressing up.

We say she needs no idol.

Orange: The Way to Glow In 2013



The Orange Lids


You need to apply a primer first before smoothing eye shadow. From lash line to crease, apply with a flat eye shadow brush. Dab in windshield-wiper motions with a blending brush for a sossy effect.  Use a flesh tone eye shadow to compliment brow bones. For an impeccable  finish, put on some brown eyeliner and mascara.

Want smokey eyes?

Create a gorgeous orange smokey eye with glittering shades of  black, plum, nude and orange. Use an orange tone with a crease brush on the outer side of the lid for great color effects.


The Ponkan Blush


Buy makeup with the flawless golden shimmer. Women with lighter skin tone should use golden orange or golden peach. Apply on apples of cheeks using the fluffy type of brush. Put some flesh tone on cheekbones to further emphasize cheeks. Check if there are any misguided edges in your makeup.


The Yummy Lips


Check which shade suits you.  True orange shades blend beautifully with blondes, caramel and dark-skinned women while red-orange can look great on anyone.

Matte is your perfect bet. Gloss risks smearing or smudging, so better be safe than sorry. However, if you do prefer lip gloss, don’t dab more than one layer. Sheer gloss can do amazing things to the whole face and if you’re loving orange, go for anything peachy or a little rusty.

You may try a stronger shade and dab it on your lower lip then blend. For the most radiant type of orange, consider putting the same shade of liner first then apply color straight from the tube.

Remember, lip liner and lipstick MUST match.


And if you still feel you can carry the trend, double up your doze of confidence. It starts with feeling good about yourself from within.




Fashion East for Fall 2013

Who wouldn’t love a collection of color boost and fabric play?This season, Fashion East sets a fun, bright, and snazzy trendwith colors and cuts you’d surely love.While it’s necessary to cover up during fall,wouldn’t it be nicer to feel like summer’s already here?The collection is perfectly hip and upbeat withnotions of childishness, humor, and youthful glamour.Despite the oddness of accessories and silhouettes, it’s always the wearer who decides what’s wearable.Of course,no girl should wear statement pieces from head to toe.Bunnies, puppies, teddy bears, and fishes,  African babydolls in fussy white outfit-what were Claire Barrow, Ashley Williams and Ryan Lo thinking?

                  Fashion East fashion East 

   A wedding garb complete with veil,full skirt, and layers on sleeves.

                  fashion-east-012 (1)

Matching orange blouse and pants stand out in the collection as well as this orange coat with pointy collars.

                 fashion-east-034 Fashion East

Babyish pink comes in sheer and fur.

                fashion-east-015 fashion-east-014

Fluttery see-through pastels and cobwebby grays romanticize and punk up the range at the same time.

               Fashion East fashion-east-030

Metallic pieces appear in bulks.

              Fashion East Fashion East

Black looks swag as if ready to bulldoze anything that gets in its way.

              Fashion East

Brown struts the runway as the most earthy shade on coats.

              Fashion East

For stripes, you’d love these vertical lines in fur, commemorating Cruella De Ville, while horizontal ones look cozy on a knitted top.

              Fashion East Fashion East

             Fashion East

Don’t forget hearts, stars, texts, and whatever fashionable print you can think of!

           Fashion East Fashion East   Fashion East

Rock n’ roll also manages to take part in the show with Elvis Presley on the pieces.

          Fashion East Fashion East Fashion East

To keep warm, fur remains a must-have including  fur collars, wraps, fur coats,  and fur onesies.

        Fashion East Fashion East Fashion East

Most of all, sheer keeps Fashion East’s Fall 2013 collection soft in the eye yet intricately fussy.However, nothing says sensually beautiful like ruffles, transparency and short hemlines.

      Fashion East Fashion East Fashion East

Which Colors Spell H-O-T for Fall 2013?

How big is black-and-white when colors can warm you up for fall?

Since everybody needs to cover up, the hotter way to wear color this season

is through scarlet tones, eye-popping pinks, candy colors, electric blues and dull greens.

Take it from Fashion Week where such trends remind us of the verdict: Color is bolder than black and white.

Red proves that it isn’t so-last-year as the burning shade ramps high and proud on the runways in Marchesa gowns inspired by Oriental and equestrian fashions while Michael Kors attempts a little drama with a glittery full-sleeved waist-hugging evening dress.  A sexy belted front-slit coat is featured at the Oscar de la Renta show. Donna Karan sends a model dressed in a bright knee-length frock, also full-sleeved and like Michael Kors’s sparkling number, emphasizes bodyshape.

Marchesa Oscar de la Renta

May it be a blazer, dress, suit, skirt or shoe,pink is popular for the season.

Honor brings us hot pink confidence in different shades from coral to fuchsia to strawberry cream.

See Fashion East, Simone Rocha and Anna Sui.

Fashion East Simone Rocha

Cobalt is key when you want to go beauteous in blue.

Check out Victoria Beckham, Lacoste and Costume National to get some hints on how to wear this hue.

.Victoria Beckham Lacoste

Olive green mights sound boring to some, but to fashionistas it’s the latest showstopper. Is it the new black? Perhaps, but it recently gets innovated by Philip Lim,who presents cozy but classy lengthy  jacket,and  Prabal Gurung who turns military into something playful with a peplum top. Rachel Zoe sticks to the basics in a fur collar coat, leather top and miniskirt.

Philip Lim Prabal Gurung Rachel Zoe

Although Fall Fashion 2013 calls for classic silhouettes and practical fabrics, there’s never a rule that says you can’t bring life into your wardrobe. Doesn’t color give flavor to an outfit? Enjoy shopping and remember that a wise woman once said, “The best color to pick, is the one that looks best on you.”